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    [Sg] - Iswaran : I could not imagine Ong Beng Seng's and David Lum Kok Seng's gifts could be corruption because they are my close friends giving gifts

    Ong Beng Seng, and Kum Cock Seng didn't give bribe as they are my best friends. say 以完蛋. Best friends give gifts and I approve their contracts, these are what we called friendship.
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    [Video] - Is this enough salt for your breakfast?

    she is scrubbing the layer of nonstick material off the pans into the food. nonstick cannot use metal to cook, must use wooden stick
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    Mother claimed her P3 Boy got whacked repeatedly but school did nothing to stop

    that where pupils start joining SS to avoid being bully
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    Muhammad Syafie Ismail is the Tampines Saab car terrorist

    why one malay kill 2 malay but other malay threaten the merc chinese driver instead ? sim theory? can explain?
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    Yishun cyclist kisiao at zebra crossing.

    both at fault, cam car supposed to slow down at zebra, he didnt cyclist are not supposed to block traffic
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    School girls knocked down by discretionary turning PHV while green man is on, got scolded for crossing. Fuck his mother's cheebye?

    old sinkie mentality, they think they act victim to scold the girls, police will side them. stupid 80ties mentality outdated liao la, there are camera all over traffic junctions la
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    Latest - Dennis Wee has kicked the bucket!

    he bought his doctorate
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    Coolie Genes Teeko Pek Jailed for Molesting SYTs on Buses!

    what only 4 months' jail for man with history of molesting young women on buses I guess the judge and the offender are related bah?
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    fat people should be banned from MRT seats

    u can see their fat oily sweat on their skins
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    All Singaporeans who served 30 months National Service should be allowed to buy a second HDB for rental income

    All Singaporeans who served 30 months National Service should be allowed to buy a second HDB for rental income
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    Chitchat SPG have not ambition, Live in Bali island with AMDK Hubby

    my amtk cousin have 3 ex-wives and 7 children
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    Best Chicken in Singapore

    Arnold’s Fried Chicken is still my No1 very soft and crispy CON- must eat immediately else taste drop drastically
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    Foreigners who now become leaders in Singapore government

    Malaysia 1. Janil Puthucheary (no NS) 2. Amy Khor Lean Suan 3. Lawrence Wong (Father from Ipoh) 4. Foo Mee Har 5. Irene Ng 6. Khaw Boon Wan India 1. Vikram Nair 2. Tharman Shanmugaratnam (Father from India) 3. Neil Parekh Nimil Rajnikant any more?
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    Serious Fierce SPG scold vulgarities, kicked and spit at Poodles, damaging their car too!

    the police saved her from being raped by her friends
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    Chitchat Record 2 Million FTs in Japan!

    very soon, 10 millions cake leng kia will enter Japan