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    Chitchat moslem paki imam boast that mahomet told him in a wet dream to Kill Jews! If Fake, May The Stage Collapse! Guess What Happened!

    Nothing new here. The Zionists are masters at spinning webs of lies, untruths and doublespeak to achieve their objectives by smearing their enemies. BTW, Israel is fast becoming a pariah state by international reckoning. And our bodoh @JohnTan has fallen for it hook, line and sinker... time...
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    [Video] - Mossad Admits Hamas Is Winning Gaza War

    When the aim is genocide and the denial of the right of the Palestinians to their own state, Israel will gradually lose the support of even its erstwhile most staunch allies like the US and many European nations. Simply because these governments have to answer to their own people why they're...
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    [Video] - This will never happen in civilized Sg. Politicians beating each other up during Taiwan parliament.

    While I admire Taiwan's liberal democracy, they still can't escape the crass gangsterish traits of their Hokkien ancestry. Ditto for the Korean barbarians.
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    Sleepy Joe loses Jewish staffer cause he supports Gaza

    Support for Hamas? Can't you read? Lily Greenberg Call resigned because Biden supported Israel, no Hamas. Sheesh. "An interior department staffer on Wednesday became the first Jewish political appointee to publicly resign in protest of US support for Israel’s war in Gaza."
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    Serious Why America is Fucked!

    *10 VITAL QUOTES FROM THE LATE JOHN PILGER* John Pilger, the investigative anti-war journalist who spoke up for China and humiliated the western corporate media, had died—and every single report on this in the western media I have seen has carefully omitted this fact. Here are ten things he...
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    Serious Israel is a Liar: The Truth about Oct 7

    More than that. Netanyahu has been funding Hamas for a long time, and allowed the attack to occur because this will shore his flailing popularity and divert attention from his corruption scandal. In other words, the Zionists have both Israeli and Palestinian blood on their hands. You're right -...
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    Serious Israel is a Liar: The Truth about Oct 7

    Israel was already aware of Hamas's plans - it was no sneak attack.
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    why sony just won't exit the phone market? would anyone even buy this sony crap?

    Sony has never made a decent cellphone, not even during the days of dumb phones.
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    China's Humanoid Jogs at 6km/h!

    https://newatlas.com/robotics/china-tiangong-general-purpose-humanoid/ China's home-grown general-purpose humanoid jogs out at 6 km/h By Paul Ridden May 07, 2024 The Tiangong robot is billed as the "world's first full-sized humanoid robot capable of running solely on electric drive" The...
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    Important: Please avoid administering Pfizer or Moderna on our kids, teens & NSFs

    I wouldn't vax kids. For adults, the risks of traditional inactivated virus vaccines (like the flu vax) like Sinovac and Sinopharm much safer.
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    Foreign workers and immigration issues will be main focus for SDP in next general election

    You are holding what he did 20+ years ago (when he was idealistic and politically immature) against him? That a person cannot mature and change? Are the ideas and proposals he rolled out in the past 3 GEs 'mad'? Did he sound like a mad dog in his election rally speeches? Be honest. That aside...
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    Why Do Most Indian Men Have a Protruding Potbelly?

    British colonialism had a lot to do with the prevalence of metabolic syndrome and diabetes in India.
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    Sinkie BMW caused camcar to crash in Kota Tingi! Guess the race!

    Beemer driver already committed to overtaking (probably poor judgement) - on the wrong lane. Camcar driver driving too fast, can't slow down or avert Beemer in time. Salah dua dua
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    Sinkie BMW caused camcar to crash in Kota Tingi! Guess the race!

    I used to drive upcountry on these roads. Overtaking on these trunk roads is a big challenge... you have to time your overtaking well, don't overtake on bends or before a rise, estimate the time and distance before the oncoming car approaches, and know your car's power and acceleration well. And...
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    Woman gets out of the car to argue with man while inside a Tiger Safari

    Must be Shanghainese woman - these are the most argumentative and quarrelsome
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    China! A country of chickens

    Quite eye-opening. This is raising chickens the organic and holistic way - without coops and force-feeding. Kampung chicken on large scale.
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    Jewhadi wires 30mil to hamas! What peasants say now?

    Cat is out of the bag. Netanyahu needs the pretext of Hamas's sneak attack to deflect attention away from his corruption scandal and waning electoral support. Both the Zionists and Hamas are partners in this ongoing genocide.
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    Serious Why America is Fucked!

    Both are dictatorships: US by Big Corp/power elite, China by CCP. At least China doesn't pretend to be a democracy.
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    Serious Why America is Fucked!

    America's sham (and corrupt) democracy is controlled by a tiny power elite and large corporations, where less than 30% of the public's support on any issue gets translated into policy.
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    And visitors complained about too many tourist in japan

    Never visit China during CNY, May 1, Oct 1. It's a nightmare: 1 mil tourists in front, 1 mil at the back, 1 mil to your left, 1 mil to your right.