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    condo prices to fall to hdb levels

    Sat, Feb 14, 2009 The Business Times Pay cut ripples from US may reach S'pore By SIOW LI SEN Singapore's top bankers - now rich in comparison to their US peers - are trying very hard to distance themselves from the move by President Barack Obama to cap pay at US$500,000 for...
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    SPH intern so low standard

    'Students sell work that's not theirs' YOU probably have heard of school examination papers being sold openly. This issue was raised by Member of Parliament Denise Phua in Parliament yesterday. Related link: »Trade or borrow notes? Sure. But sell notes? No way »Teachers: It's immoral...
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    Whats this global financial crisis about? Simplfy, keep it simple please.

    it is like CPF , money go in but never come out.
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    Chew Chor Meng diagnosed with muscular atrophy

    stupid actor choose to have illness after he exempted from NS.
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    are you ready to pig out ? when is pap pork coming ?

    The Obama Boomtowns Joshua Zumbrun, 12.15.08, 05:42 PM EST Mayors across America line up at the trough with projects ready for stimulus money. image In Pictures: The Stimulus Cities As part of his plan to revive a flailing economy, President-elect Barack Obama recently pledged to "Create...
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    How To Start A Ponzi Scheme

    How To Start A Ponzi Scheme Joan Lappin, Gramercy Capital, 12.17.08, 06:50 PM EST Bernie Madoff paid meticulous attention to the finer points of scamming. You can, too, and here's how. Every investor on the planet has experienced a range of emotions in recent days in response to the Bernie...
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    My final solution to all of sg’s problems

    when you forming new politcal party. You should be Sg PM by next General Election.
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    are you a sea turtle or sea weed ?

    yes sg not bad. I retire after NS on 2 years of NS savings.
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    are you a sea turtle or sea weed ?

    They were the "gold-collar" workers: highly educated Chinese people working on Wall Street. Now, they are known as "sea turtles" as they head home to escape the financial storm. POPULATION Greg Baker / AP Nearly 1,000 would-be turtles in business suits packed the ballroom of a New York hotel...
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    When You Were Young

    young or old , NS kills everyone.
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    Bf been visiting health centres

    can put the spa name and tel here or not ? I feel stressed from stock market gyration.
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    Golden Age says actions will be in Asia next 50 years!

    lky talk lan chiow words as he directed the creativity of singaporeans into skyving and kenging from NS.
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    Where to find large slections of LOJEL luggages?

    what happen to your SAF fullpack ?
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    what is your reaction if goh ct say he is sorry but

    what is your reaction if goh ct say he is sorry but CPF is also a giant ponzi scheme ?
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    chen hu lan fiddle while sg burn

    irst-timer Donny Dejong, 26, said: 'Yes, there is a recession and my bank account is feeling it. 'But it's the end of the year, so we deserve to have a night to let loose and party hard.' The civil servant added: 'Besides, what's $100 for a once-a-year thing?' =======================...
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    Ebola-Reston virus spread to sg by AVA

    Ebola-Reston virusMANILA, December 15, 2008 - THE Philippines has stopped a shipment of 50,000 tonnes of pork to Singapore after traces of low pathogenic Ebola-Reston virus were found on some hog farms in the country, officials said on Monday. The shipment was supposed to be the country's...
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    best family in sg

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    Oil : 15.12.2008 : Oil prices to go up with cuts in supply !

    obama is black so how can oil stay low for long ? he need to answer to nigeria and other oil countries youknow .
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    when is peak of your life in sinky land ?

    for most it is in NS slavery. After they rod they are always smelling the backside of FT who never do NS. When they reach 40 year old , they kenna discharge from SAF as they become too old and useless , just when they need SAF most to support their life when they are most venerable to...