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    Identity of Mystery Woman

    Re: Identity of Mystery Woman Is Cecilia Sue in CPIB Probe So, this is Cecilia Sue! Just average lah. I thought she was more stunning than this like Taiwanese ex-porn star Shu Qi. As some forummers said on other sites, maybe she has a thing for men in uniform. Somemore, just gave birth a...
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    what is going thru the minds of ex-WP members now? kicking themselves now?

    Agreed. If GMS had swallowed his pride & stopped blabbering on the old Delphi forum, Sylvia Lim would have forgiven him, she had to stop all WP members from participating in online forums due to GMS. GMS would be enjoying his $15,000 monthly salary if he had soldiered on together with Sylvia...
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    North Korea Kim Jong Il passed away. He was 69.

    No worries, these hao lam will reappear when the Old Fart of Spore dies. Akan Datang in 2012 approx. Many cry babies will surface at Oxley, Istana & the funeral route. Masses will even ululate & genuflect along the procession route. All these will come true mind you. I will even go to the extent...
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    UNCONFIRMED - SMRT had prior knowledge of what caused the breakdown

    Well the latest news from CNA this morning 19 December is that she will NOT resign. Guess she has the backing of Ho Ching & Pinky Loong. Not sure whether Lui Fuck You supports her staying probably seething but what can Lui Fuck You do, he is powerless.
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    Temasek Review is Back Online. Now Known as Tremeritus

    Think both Kojakbt and Alex Tan of SPP who ran the temasekrevealed blogspot have a stake in it. And yes, for those who mentioned it, how safe is the site?? The last TR had China based ex-Sporeans or Sporeans based there running it. Kojakbt is not the brightest spark like the sneaky China based...
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    Temasek Review is Back Online. Now Known as Tremeritus

    Like it or hate it, its back. But, it does serve its purpose in the last GE with exposes on TPL & PAP sheningans. http://www.tremeritus.com/
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    Dumbfucks Sporeans Berating Lui Fuck Yew on His FB Wall!

    How dumb can Sporeans get berating Lui Fuck Yew on his FB Wall? Just go take a look. Plenty of it. You Lui Fuck Yew can do anything ha? CEO of SMRT Ms Saw has Ho Ching protecting her. Lui Fuck Yew lan cheow has shrunk inwards that you cannot see it anymore! Is anyone is smart enough, its...
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    Should Saw be Sacked?

    You forgot that LKY's daughter in law is Ho Ching under Temasek Holdings who appointed Saw as CEO of SMRT. You think LKY would do that to his own famiLEE? Think again. Saw knows very well Ho Ching will not kick her butt becos Ho Ching herself put her as CEO. Temasek Holding owns over 54% shares...
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    Is SMRT CEO Saw Phaik Hwa A Good Friend of Ho Ching?

    Am asking this question becos no matter how serious the SMRT screw up & leaves thousands stranded, Saw Phaik Hwa escapes scot free. She does NOT even apologize or emphatize with SMRT passengers who have suffered at her management's hands. Is she so cold & heartless? Since SMRT is a Temasek...
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    Guess who was old man's favourite lunch partner for years

    Ngiam Tong Dow should be his favorite golf buddy. Not so sure being lunch mate but perhaps beer pals after a round of golf at the Istana.
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    35% President Tony Tan or Isabella Loh Cancelled Halloween Event at Spore Zoo?

    Rumours are now circulating that either 35% President Tony Tan who is Catholic has ordered the cancellation of Halloween at Spore Zoo after he graced the Mid Autumn Festival at the Zoo a few days ago citing tradition should be kept alive. Or Was it Isabella Loh, new interim CEO of Spore...
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    The full account of how the old man insulted the PhD student

    PhD student should have asked "What about your daughter, Lee Wei Leng AND your GRAND-daughter, Lee Xiu Qi? Are they not spinsters too?"
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    Wikileaks:Lee Family & Temaesk Booted Out Global Companies Not in Their Favor in SG

    Well what do you know, the reason why Swissport got hoodwinked by our gahment & then lost money to finally close shop was all down to Temasek's dirty tricks of wanting it all for themselves, and guess who was in charge of CAAS, a certain Lee. Read all about it here folks...
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    PAP HQ thanks all TJS Supporters.

    Don't think so lah. Tony Tan is numb becos he is from a very wealthy family that does not understand the common man's causes. He is in disbelief that such an elite man like himself can be subject to any blame. He will just cruise thru his 6 year presidency numb to the masses and only listen...
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    TCB sounds vulgar so pls refrain from using it

    chee bye, chee bye, chee bye, there I have said it!
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    Sianz Either TT or TCB to be President!

    So its almost over for Polling Day. I know there are opposition supporters voting for 4 different camps TCB, TKL, TT & TJS. Yes believe it or not, read from a blog of this person from Holland BT GRC who supported SDP will be casting a vote for TCB instead. Some WP supporters are put off by TJS...
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    President tan jay see

    Voted liao. Elderly mother & myself voted for Tan Jee Say. Converted my mother to vote for heart. All online polls indicate TJS will win. But in reality, online polls are too way off. I guess we are the same people populating all the other sites. Just hope this time it will come true &...
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    PE Prediction/Wishlist - Lay it down here

    Tt - 30% tjs- 27% tcb - 25% tkl-18%
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    CMC Curry Fiasco Is Now World News! Shamugam What Are You Doing About It?

    So it hit the UK Daily Telegraph News: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/singapore/8704107/Singapores-anti-Chinese-curry-war.html Min of Law Shamugam has a lot to answer for the incompetency of his CMC under his purview. The news will blow big round the world now. By Malcolm...
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    PRC Curry Case hits the Govt Bigwigs attention big time!

    I hope the neighbour next to the landed property of Min of Law Shamu complains to CMC that Shamu's wife or maid cook stinky curry. CMC will then tell Shamu to cook curry only when his neighbour is not in. The only way to find out neighbour NOT in is to hang the neighbour's wife RED panties on...