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  1. SBFTirak

    Kee Chiu's next step

    can go sell chicken rice.
  2. SBFTirak

    Chitchat Johor to Become the next Shenzhen of Sinkieland!

    More and more FL will emerge . . Towkay Leong, Huat ah.
  3. SBFTirak

    mangoes anyone?

    Too much of something is not good also.
  4. SBFTirak

    LW's Cabinet of losers

    nice, East Coast Plan. . .
  5. SBFTirak

    y girls i like always the smoking type...

    You can ask her over to your place for a "smoking" session.
  6. SBFTirak

    [Video] - SYT ATB can climb up walls, macam supernatural possession

    These rodents Communist can do anything that we normal people can't do. :biggrin:
  7. SBFTirak

    Singapore vs China World Cup Qualifier 21 & 26 Mar 2024: Singapore ready to decimate China

    Chao brainwashed Sinkie can go for World Cup, told by "who", leemember ? :biggrin: Fucking waste of resources, which could be allocated for better uses. I only know kap khun krap and this cup.
  8. SBFTirak

    If u see China prc go to casino, pls take photo and send it to China embassy in Singapore

    They can still do the dirty job offshore, which is cyberspace. They will do anything and everything to survive. Remember these rodents are bastard Communists, which are thieves, liars and murderers in nature.
  9. SBFTirak

    Her story 2 : "I became a social escort so that I can climb up the property ladder"

    'climb the property ladder". I said why not own your own corperate ladder?
  10. SBFTirak

    HKie Lao Chio Joey Yung, Gillian Chung, Charlene Choi Jalan Jalan in SG!

    They are most welcum to spend here.
  11. SBFTirak

    Auntie used hook to hang her bag inside mrt cabin

    Must have had bought from Communist brand named Shopee. 3.3 sales?
  12. SBFTirak

    If u see China prc go to casino, pls take photo and send it to China embassy in Singapore

    Cannot go legalize Casino to gamble but can work as legalize prostitute at Geylang Lor 6 -18? :whistling:
  13. SBFTirak

    Only January niah and already over hundred tiongs dead in major accidents. Fuck China.

    This is chicken feet relative to bastard evil MAO's planned economy during the late 1950s. And he was proud of it and aid it was due to natural disaster. :biggrin: What a joke!
  14. SBFTirak

    Breaking: Iswaran appears at State Courts a week after CPIB completed probe. *Update: Iswaran resigns as PAP minister/MP and PAP member.

    This fella is simply hopeless. BTW I have free ticket to Mandai Zoo, he wants or not?
  15. SBFTirak

    Sinkapore is molest hub. Vietcong A*Star senior research engineer rubba 29yo spg at Clark Quay

    Vuong Dao Nghe must be very stress at his researches, so give chance lah okay.