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  1. Cestbon

    The inside on LTA Train Debacle Cover-up

    Some one must have pocket the money. How can accept the defect train in the beginning. Just return the whole train. Safety is the most important. And get back all they money. Then Find other contractor. That all. Better late than accident happen. Safety 1st and that is the only priority.
  2. Cestbon

    Aegean Paradise -- Cruise / Casino Ship @ New Century Tours Corporation Pte Ltd

    Need info >> long time never go so need update info. Before can board at JB Stulang or Duty free 1.Ferry timing To Ship and back to Ferry terminal 2. Cabin price might be overnight 3. Table currency 4. From JB town taxi fare or bus fare If can PM me the contact no.
  3. Cestbon

    water leaking in toilet bowl

    Just open the top cover. Look at it where doest it leak. If you not sure what size, Just open it bring to hardware shop. It will cost few $(valve) to max $20 if u change whole next set internal.
  4. Cestbon

    ah beng throws 30 packets of economical bee hoon at stall after getting queue cut

    Clap clap...... This Ah Beng have gut. Show the hawker stall a manners lesson. I sure the stall business will drop for next few month due to negative news.
  5. Cestbon

    iPhone cloner gone for good! OPEN BEER

    Is the fake manufacturer decide the market. Is the consumer become smarter and willing to pay more for real product. Consumer who is the person to decide the product. See NOKIA how it death. Manufacturer make it choice consumer decide the fate.
  6. Cestbon

    Sing $ to depreciate

    Not big deal. It will be in range of 5% max .
  7. Cestbon

    Oil near bottom

    One thing for sure. O&G down many USA enemy will when bankrupt. Russia, Iran,Libya, Vene,Nigeria........................ Inlikely to bound to US$50/barrel in next 2 year.
  8. Cestbon

    How to repay your car debts?

    Is Uber fare cheaper than average taxi fare?? Is Uber taxi easy available than taxi? Is Uber receipt claimable? Is Uber reliable if I book does it really come to pick me up. What else do I miss please add in. I never take Uber b4 that why I asking such question.
  9. Cestbon

    Who has settle down in Malaysia and Thailand?

    If you want to debate about politic open another room for politic. If you want to debate any country eg. Thai/Malaysia/Sg. Please stick to the topic as started. Not diverted. I glad to discuss about what is good and bad each gov.
  10. Cestbon

    Who has settle down in Malaysia and Thailand?

    Don't talk about politic here. Because is about living outside SG. Malaysian also vote in idiot BN same as Thailand military take over by force. So all have their bad news.
  11. Cestbon

    Orchard Road is struggling

    I buy most IT stuff online. Only clothing buy from shop because need to be perfect fit to be wear comfortable and only during discount at least 30% or more. But mostly buy from oversea because much cheaper about half price.
  12. Cestbon

    Annie Lim , 41 - Singapore Most Most Beautiful Taxi Driver

    10 hr/day x 30 day almost equal to double job or double pay. That still without benefir like bonus/medical/CPF. Not worth it even $5k/month drive 365 day/year.
  13. Cestbon

    Who has settle down in Malaysia and Thailand?

    To adapt to living in other country like Thai or Malaysia. U have to adapt to their living. 1. If in urban internet speed will be slow if you are internet phyco than have to choose live in city. 2. But car and bike(for short distance very convenient)>> is cheap not a issue. 3. Not many shopping...
  14. Cestbon

    Who has settle down in Malaysia and Thailand?

    All country have Pros and cons. Singapore is not the best or the worst. All depend on personal choice.
  15. Cestbon

    SMRT Could Face Fine Of S$50M For Tue 7 Jul 15 BreakDown

    What is S$50m for SMRT. They will just raise the fare. Best solution is to cut salary of the top 20 management and bonus by 50%. And 20% bonus for all SMRT worker. So all will feel the impact and pressure to do better job.
  16. Cestbon

    Anyone using pre-paid phone cards & what do you spend/month?

    Can we transfer postpaid phone number to prepaid??
  17. Cestbon

    SGD Strong, Ringgit Weak

    If really happen it will be too late. SG$ currency and HDB will be worthless. All investor will run. Interest rate jump to more than 10%.