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  1. mako65

    Shameless ATB demands iPhone on 1st date.

    What a dumb ass to be entrapped by a loose cunt!
  2. mako65

    What do you think of a man who gives all his salary to his wife?

    A wise family man knows how to earn and spend unless he's a gambler like what the other bro said!
  3. mako65

    Serious Lao Hero Dies at 72 doing what he loves as a Traffic Controller! Samsters got Rejoice?

    At 72, I doubt his cognitive movement wasn't that sharp anymore! Anyway..Rip!
  4. mako65

    Serious Sinkie Hubby Buay Tahan SPG Wifu's Naggy Ways Murdered Her in UK!

    Lunar 7th month, the ghost of his wife will be paying a visit in his slammer! Hahahaha..
  5. mako65

    Serious Good PM Lee's National Day Speech 2022! Majulah PAP!

    Frankly, I like his gung-ho spirit in the initial years when building our country! We are a nation without natural resources but going down the years, rots and slimes started to appear in our system after he passed on! Think in the name of globalization, we have to bear the brunt of progression!
  6. mako65

    Serious Good PM Lee's National Day Speech 2022! Majulah PAP!

    Well spoken but His Majesty doesn't look in the pink of health even though his shirt is pink! Wishing him ok..
  7. mako65

    Do you have RGS (Restless Genitals Syndrome)?

    Can see some of these girls from Steven road went on dates with the boys of the clock tower usually in the late afternoon at Orchard during the 80s!
  8. mako65

    Mediacock's new drama on lives of doctors - copycat version of HK's Big White Duel?

    Rather spend my time and watch "the good doctor"! Wtf is "医生不是神”, who doesn't know?
  9. mako65

    I got yhe wuhan virus.

    I fear these Wuhan girls..they can be very virulent from all their orifices after these 2 years of lockdown!
  10. mako65

    Serious Young Superstars Glenn Yong And 'Eleanor Lee' In Court Over Harassment Case! Guess Who Is Harassing Who!

    She must be infatuated with Glenn! Alas, he should take the honour to deflower her..what a dumb nut!
  11. mako65

    Chitchat Chiobu Pinay Married Sinkie Celebrate National Day!

    She is from Manila, I bet she didn't even set her foot at Tondo..she will appreciate what she is having now!
  12. mako65

    About 80,000 tourists stranded on Hainan Island, China. Shiok lah!

    "Zero Covid" strategy? Hahahaha..
  13. mako65

    Chitchat ‘Explicit’ Beedio of HK Boyband Mirror Accident

    Really unlucky! Wrong spot to perform, wrong timing.. bedridden for life!
  14. mako65

    CPF member receives $250 a month for only 8 years to “retire”

    Where's his savings since he didn't contribute enough to his CPF? Upright suicidal with that measly S$250!
  15. mako65

    Justin Neo despises Malays and ABNNs

    Must be a stupid spoilt brat!
  16. mako65

    wah this room is kan phua minimally furnished machiam like prison cell

    Luxurious prison cell..fan, air-con, a bed with springs!
  17. mako65

    toa payoh flat is sibei cui.....

    Older models are like that, I presumed!
  18. mako65

    Happy Family.

    He loves his old Pup too much! He should build a statue of his late father standing beside Sir Stamford Raffles, a statue that stand triple the height of the latter!