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    OBU. "Who is the CHAMPION who came out with this idea?"

    must be from land of lape... because thinking is opposite one...
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    [Video] - Wouyld you like your meal served flaming like this?

    Thai army camp got such a dish
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    China CCP: Rival Palestinian groups Hamas and Fatah made ‘encouraging progress’ in talks in Beijing

    Great! support terrorist group... China really waiting for retribution...
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    [Video] - Little Palestinian girl scolds group of Israeli soldiers

    Another Greta Thunber in the making... Soon euro and middle will engulf into world war 3... stupid idoits
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    [Sg Alice Nah complains she kena charged 60 cents for 1 plastic bag containing 2 packets of Mee Siam @Bedok Central (Food Hub)

    Soon they will charge u 1 SGD for plastic bag... and ask u clear table and have to pay 1SGD... Just vote for PAP more!
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    Serious Sinkies must take NS Seriously to defend against Foreign Powers!

    enemies alrdy taking over our country... What can NS do?!
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    Father tells the world that the fucking SPF is good for nothing.

    now then he know! wait till he see PAP...
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    Serious Tiong Tycoon fined for breaking law banning foreigners from speculating in residential properties

    China trying to crash singapore economy... This is economic invasion...
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    Auntie Yellen tell Tiongkok in the face...U have overcapacity problem, kym?

    now china product no longer cheap... U wan export also ppl may not wan if got choice...
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    Muslim Kidnapper Wins Custody of 13-Year-Old Girl in Pakistan

    This is a world full of unjust... u either become strong and powerful enough to protect urself... or u destroy the world...
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    Chitchat MIW Diam Diam about FT suicide from harsh working conditions!

    give foreign countries a reason to invade us...