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  1. knowwhatyouwantinlife

    Sinkie chiobu architect gone missing in Spain

    I just find it weird the authorities of both countries are unable to retrieve the records of her watzapp or whatever comms app/email she was using in this day and age...really as much as technology has progressed you are on your own when shit hits the fan...
  2. knowwhatyouwantinlife

    AFR: Singapore orders all employers to consider flexi-time requests

    Not really an election ploy...read the article again: 250k women not working at an avg tax rate of $1k per pax (not to mention the rest of the indirect tax)..its 250 mil worth of income taxes missing...and also 50k post above they can't hit the quota
  3. knowwhatyouwantinlife

    Breaking News. Sickipoora export collapsed so PAP to hold election asap.

    Isn't this a bit too obvious as we have been holding the SGD pretty strong against esp the USD and Yen? If I may recall, exports were more robust when Trump was POTUS, cos whatever tariffs US slapped on China, they would just slap the Made in Singapore sticker on it to prevent the tariffs, hence...
  4. knowwhatyouwantinlife

    OYK on suicide watch! Lawrence Wong to become PM on 15 May!

    Will we expect more push down policies like simply go?
  5. knowwhatyouwantinlife

    Global US-Dollar Shortage - Are We Already in a Recession?

    https://www.cnbc.com/2024/04/16/chinas-q1-gdp-grew-5point3percent-in-the-first-quarter-beating-expectations.html Wasn't it obvious why Yellen was in Beijing and Shanghai the past week? China still has plentiful bullets to cut which will in terms make their exports that much cheaper...always rem...
  6. knowwhatyouwantinlife

    Marcus Chan Lup Ming not happy with Lawrence Wong

    In professional sports, there is such a thing called an eye test, where somehow professional scouts can also shortlist the wrong prospect...
  7. knowwhatyouwantinlife

    How long more does Iran need to lay the smackdown on Israel's candy ass? Saying imminent attack forever lioa

    Let's not be overwhelm by this nonsense...obviously somebody is short US bills and bonds and long crude and wants Powell to cut interest rate soon...China is definitely snickering their way through
  8. knowwhatyouwantinlife

    Footballer Kaka's ex wife: I divorced him becos he's too perfect

    Please don't let these modern feminists get into our heads with the constantly changing narratives...assuming both have an abundance in finances, but the woman can only cum in missionary while the man in doggy, whose fault is it now for not being able to satisfy the woman...woman always...
  9. knowwhatyouwantinlife

    Serious Corrupt Vietbu MILF laundered billions in Sinkieland, got connections to Capitaland!

    Awaiting Ho Ching's words of enlightenment on this...would be fun
  10. knowwhatyouwantinlife

    Iran Jitao Huat Big Big on Israel, Bro u pump full tank o'ready?

    Well done let's c if Powell now has the balls to cut interest rates now...if this happens suddenly China will be literally laughing to the bank
  11. knowwhatyouwantinlife

    The $2bn dirty-money case that rocked Singapore

    Much like the sub prime crisis, most of those in the banks that has connections to this are still receiving 6 figures annual compensation packages, flying business and first class and sleeping well...this is the part that irks me the most, the banks esp the local ones, just keeping quiet, and...
  12. knowwhatyouwantinlife

    Serious PAP Temasek Sets Up East India Company Outpost In Paris! Time For PAP To Take Over France!!

    Always taught temasek is a independent and separate pte entity by itself? If so why is the photo showing Vivian and Lawrence? Pardon me I am ignorant...
  13. knowwhatyouwantinlife

    Good Read: The growing contradictions of Singapore’s HDB scheme

    Choices, luck and time value of money, nothing hard to grasp
  14. knowwhatyouwantinlife

    62-year-old woman attempted to board SIA plane with a live round

    Most likely one gang sending out a signal to another by placing a bullet in the old lady's bag before she flys to SG...could mean they can touch the mother anytime and they know where the rival resides in SG...
  15. knowwhatyouwantinlife

    Lattice Boom Crane Collapsed on Minibus near SengKang Hospital

    Which ministry is in charge of this project?
  16. knowwhatyouwantinlife

    Husband convicted of sexually assaulting wife, urging mother-in-law to get allegations dropped

    Such cases should not be published, as if a wife can file such reports, what more a date, esp one that wants to blackmail you..oh well let the lady sign a consent form first before getting it on...no wonder the dismal TFR...and the man in this case is too proud of himself, should have declared a...
  17. knowwhatyouwantinlife

    Auntie Yellen tell Tiongkok in the face...U have overcapacity problem, kym?

    Obviously if there is something u have that people will pay for, u sell? Its papconomics whats wrong with having more money ?
  18. knowwhatyouwantinlife

    What Israel did for SG and why we must stand by Israel against the Terrorists.

    Oh well we need to take a stand as to whether one believes the illumati or other invisible hands exist...as for what is presented by the media and history books as long as you were not there you would not be able to experience and witness the actual atrocities that happen...for example rape of...