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    Chitchat State sanctioned corruption? - Same executive involved again

    The marine industry worldwide has always been corrupt with mafia and thugs. pliant and greedy people were chosen, so that the belief when paid enough, they would do the job well and keep their mouths shut. But then again, these people they chose are dumb by default.
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    Chitchat Shan's Green Paper on Fake News Threat for Parliament

    There is only one crook - LHL. Remove that one, the rest will collapse. The clown is supported and condone by foreign influence for now. I see it waning.
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    makcik asked sinkies to help build bridges

    She is selected because she is an idiot.
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    We are Second-Class Citizens in our Country

    LHL and the whore think they cannot be touched and are safe from everything and everyone, including their foreign masters.
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    Serious MINDEF To Offer Huge Reward To FT Hackers! Cheaper Than Paying Cybersecurity Firms For Consultancy!

    No worries. Hacking will be attempted without fee from Mindef. I am sure it is in the works, given how the clown has the incredible ability to piss everyone.
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    PAP mata mass arrested chicken by dizens

    Ignore Sham lah. He talks rots knowing that his master will protect all his deeds. See him become meek when he no longer has power. He has no legal capability overseas. His sense of logic in English courts would be ridiculed. Most of them including LKY suck so big time in really doing real legal...
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    Serious Bank Analyst stuck in Bali expects compensation.

    The Devil will provide them with compensation he sees fit for his mood of the day.
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    Chitchat Powerful words of Vincent wijeysingha

    This government is going to be facing things more nasty than Jolovan who is not silly unlike ballless boy Scroobal. Scary things in and out of Singapore are brewing as the Clown made the conditions ripe.
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    Chitchat Cherian George on Old Man fucked it up at the end.

    So much rubbish to say Singapore was never built by LKY. He is a fucker and now Singapore is fucked up.
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    Singapore: Riddle of the Elite Pyramid Club

    "If all the 300 (top civil servants and political elite) were to crash in one jumbo jet, then Singapore will disintegrate."
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    Chitchat Aunty Ho's Gulfstream 550

    Why do you keep talking about an essentially insane lady?
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    Chitchat Pray tell what Foreign Influence???

    Whether you live or die, stay in power or disappear, is very much determined by foreign influence. Do not try to talk big. You sell yourself to foreign influence to stay in power at the expense of the people.
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    Serious PM Lee: Sinkies Must Support And Trust PAP! PAP Cares For Sinkies !

    PAP Must Support And Trust Sinkies! Sinkies Cares For PAP !
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    Chitchat Aunty Ho's Gulfstream 550

    The question to ask is HC jet company used to fly in dictators? How come so few people know that dictators fly into our country?
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    ownself clear ownself: penang cow says no need for COI into MRT ponding

    No need Khaw. He is not an engineer.
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    Serious Will there be more signs of leadership renewal for the PAP at its party convention on Sunday 19 nov?

    You should not have happened. You were the product of a faulty lightweight sperm that was accidentally shoved into your mother's egg by the other better sperm gunning for the goal.
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    Chitchat Aunty Ho's Gulfstream 550

    The range of the jet will give you an idea where he would run when all his skeletons are exposed. The distance would suggest Australia, like where his father was prepared to flee when things were getting hot during the Konfrantasi days.
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    HUAT! US Nuke General Declared Mutiny against Trump

    That is why you need skynet. It will do the right and consistent thing.
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    Chitchat Only a software glitch - train collision

    Yes. He is LHL. His demise is about to become complete.
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    Chitchat Only a software glitch - train collision

    Everything is as fake as LHL's facebook. All fake comments, and as leader of a country, no comments or words of sympathy for those injured. And he goes around telling other people about affairs he knows nothing of.