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    The only logical consolation reason that Tharman deserves to be voted as President

    WEF is a private organisation. The leaders there are NOT elected. It is also an Elohim worshipping cult. Ptui!
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    Cancer vaccine with minimal side effects nearing Phase 3 clinical trials

    Firstly, BIG pharma use the sh*t shots to create the multitude of diseases. Now, use the sh*t shots as solutions to these diseases. The first shot is the poison. The second shot is the antidote. The hoax by BIG pharma has come full circle. BTW, viruses need not be the only pathogens to cause...
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    Sinkie WEF president is making wave again, tax till you die.

    Accelerated. Ageing...........caused by P & M. Ptui! Now the shiny pate is truly conflicted.
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    Chitchat Many Sinkies Got Updated Covid19 Vaccine! How about Samsters?

    Extreme accountability at the end of this COVID-19 sh*tshow.
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    It's official! LW says Tharman moonlighting by focusing on ECA outside of his Presidency is considerded as contributing to National responsibility!

    Get prepared for a conflicted presidency. For Singaporeans.....or for the coneheads. Choose wisely.
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    Good news, you can sue Pfizer.

    COVID-19 hoax and sh*tshow. Extreme accountability is next.
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    People ask me all the time if I am "pro-Israel" because I am a Jew

    There are Jews, and there are pseudo Jews. If a person claims to be Jewish, and if he speaks only Yiddish, follow only the Talmud, treats fellow Jews, Muslims, Christians, and all other races as "goyim", and do "little people" sacrifice, then he is NOT a Jew. He is a Luciferian.
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    God chosen people?

    The perpetrators of the 9/11 false flag is using the same playbook for the October 7 massacre. Reports are surfacing that the Israeli army and Air Force stood down for several hours on that fateful morning.
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    Many lawsuit are coming for Pfizer.

    Extreme accountability coming.....
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    Covid vaccines terminology

    Extreme accountability coming soon....
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    [Sg] - Female officer completes 65-day SAF elite Special Ops Ranger course, first S'porean woman to do so

    Rangers led 7SIB during those days. Elite troopers amongst the infantry men who served. The infiltration exercise old rangers did was very real. Enough said. A bit of SAF history to ponder.
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    [Sg] - Female officer completes 65-day SAF elite Special Ops Ranger course, first S'porean woman to do so

    Rangers were indeed elite troopers.....back in the 80s ......during the days of SAF Boys and RINCO school. The infiltration exercise old rangers had to perform.........very realistic indeed
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    Pfizer's latest press release has confirmed the corminaty vax increases risk of heart issues

    The calls for extreme accountability are growing, as evidence mounts. In 2024, there will be military tribunals.
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    University of Washington Students wave ‘Palestinian’ flags, call for Israeli blood

    There are Jews and there are pseudo Jews. When you know hidden ancient history, Jews, Palestinians, Turks, Slavs, Chinese will finally recognise who the real enemy is. All wars are banker wars. It is the one group that benefit richly, on both sides of the warring parties.
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    truth prevails

    I would not be surprised if there are inputs coming from strategic think tanks like Ra«d Corporation. Example like Ukraine proxy for NATO against Russia. The US has been meddling in Asian sphere since Vietnam days, sowing discord and initiating regime change. A better US will emerge when 45...
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    Hamas attacks Israel

    When the Babylonian money magick system is threatened, the Military Industrial Complex under the Rothschild KM will come in and take the US to war. Jews, Muslims and Russians should know who the real enemy is, from hidden ancient history, These are the infamous "name stealers", as mentioned in...
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    Serious Ong Ke Yung - Old Farts Please Get Vaccinated with New Covid-19 Wave!

    Scrutinise the hospital protocols like a hawk. For example, US hospitals do not call the drug Remdesivir by this name anymore. They use another name Veklury for the drug. Veklury and Remdesivir are the same drug. Both are deadly. Fauci's playbook. The cabal needs to create fear, so that...
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    Serious Ong Ke Yung - Old Farts Please Get Vaccinated with New Covid-19 Wave!

    High priest of vaccinology changing his tune subtlely.
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    Putin warns Klaus Schwab that his days are numbered.

    Evil coneheads. Their Babylonian money magick days are numbered.