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  1. ahbengsong

    BlueCat's Gallery

  2. ahbengsong

    Photos of beautiful MILFs

    still tasty ???......
  3. ahbengsong

    My Beauties Collections (All R Welcome)

    swee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. ahbengsong

    a -48℃ winter picture

  5. ahbengsong

    Maria Ozawa

    nice....... thanks...............
  6. ahbengsong

    UFO spotted

    UFO --> U Fuck Off
  7. ahbengsong

    Horny Uncle in Novena

    when testerones and ostrogens clashes....
  8. ahbengsong

    Miss Subway

    she looks like a ..... errr.... sandwich ???
  9. ahbengsong

    Peter Lim contesting in Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC with PAP?

    This guy dumped his wife who stood by him during his difficult days for a younger actress...... this is the type of character pap loved as long as he can help pap squeeze more money out of sinkees......
  10. ahbengsong

    Kovan market faces 'heat' after S$4m facelift

    Only stupid sinkees equate upgrading to value.....
  11. ahbengsong

    Eerie scream heard in factory toilet: Is it haunted by ghost of raped woman?

    its just someone's TV screening a horror movie.........
  12. ahbengsong

    Made in China products will cost more.

    I agree...... the ballooning US debt at USD13 trillion is the future problem... the US has tried reduce spending on social security when the baby boomers hit retirement age but its not enough to recoup the continuing govt red ink... so its finger pointing to who-else but china... previously its...
  13. ahbengsong

    MBT & lau chio

    hahaha...... u guys are so funny with your comments
  14. ahbengsong

    ang mo kio by election soon?

    A few prc friends chose to return home to china because they have seen an increase in cancer cases in pap singapore... they suspect its something to do with newater...
  15. ahbengsong

    Yeah, more PRC from Liaoning to come to

    here we go again....
  16. ahbengsong

    I'm going to Shanghai soon !

    There is no cheap hotel within walking distance to Expo Center... rates are going for RMB500 and above, the more you pay the nearer you are to the Expo Center... I suggest you get a hotel within walking distance of a subway station... and away from the Expo area.... the subway is very...
  17. ahbengsong

    Yankees burning the Holy Quaran

    Its about time..... these idiots who go round blowing themselves up in exchange for 72 virgins....
  18. ahbengsong

    Kiwibird - Are you alright?

    what happened ??.... earthquake in NZ ??...