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    SG recruiting more Taiwan med workers!

    Mmmmm the last time a Tiawan nurse treated me was way back during my NS days when I was in Tiawan for training ( 30+yrs ago ) Not sure are they still so young n sweet :)
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    12k killed in Sg every year

    U know a thought came to mind. What if we combine the matrix and sparta 300 into it :) Instead of aborting them the govt adopts them and let them mature then we use the females as human reproducing machines and the males as meatshields for the army if the child comes out faulty we just destry...
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    Russia's Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA)

    Is it just me or do any of you notice that russky plane looks kind of like a f22?
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    Do Not Love the World

    Does that mean we can pollute the world and screw it up?
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    Huge show of force in China's Urumqi: witnesses

    How come everytime something like this happens like in Russia/China they must say a muslim state? They make it sound as if religion is at fault instead of the people or is really religion the cause of this uprising?
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    Why do some stop other people from speaking the truth?

    But after speaking the truth can they handle the truth? Too many a time I find people can't handle the truth.
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    Can You People Do Without Watching Live Football On TV?

    Wow u can? must subscribe? can give me the website pls
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    Kena Splashed Urine!

    Something similar happened to me 2 years back. I was staying at Yishun blk 20X. This fucking next door neighbour would keep banging my wall and common corridor windows and giving excuse that we made too much noise at night and woke him up. I told him it was not me but my neighbour staying 1 flr...
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    the nerd is still a VIRGIN!!

    Err don't mind if I ask but who the fuck is this poor guy that you all keep using his photo to paste on your avatars?
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    Can You People Do Without Watching Live Football On TV?

    I do 1 step better I stop subscribing to them. Got myself 1 of those atena dish and get it free from 1 of those mat or indo channels.
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    Breaking news: Election coming

    Look no matter when where or how PAP sure will win. PAP winning is as sure as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west :)
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    Burmah Road, Penang so dangerous??

    They are I agree with you there have worked there for a year or 2 during my younger days around 20yrs back but I heard from some of my friends who are still working there that the condition there got from bad to worst. Hence I don't know how bad it has become:(
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    Too Much Sex For This Lady

    Err 1 system 2 standards?
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    AssMRT: Only 2 Min Wait on Weekends! BLOODY LIAR!

    Notice why its a bitch that is speaking up for MRT? Because if its a guy his pants will be on fire hehe :) Liar Liar pants on fire
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    Have you noticed?

    Err older people have better developed immune system and they don't take their health for granted unlike younger people?
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    When Ah Tiong Rules The World

    Hmm the west keep saying India can beat China in the end wonder what will happen to India if China becomes #1?
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    Only 39 and Owns 3 Properties Already Woh!

    Wah 4 property I only got 2 :( but fully paid and all my kids working already will be retiring at 56 ( 2 years from now ). Don't thing I want to slog any further in this life time. I was thinking of just relax and tend to my pet dogs, fishes and do some gardening. :D My only though atm is to...
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    SG: No of H1N1 cases cross 100 liao!

    U think the peanut lady will say " Whats a hundred in a sea of 4million peanuts lah :) "
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    CCB Mabroky Evicts 102-Yr-Old Temple. If Mosque? Bully The Weak!

    Yup I remember that temple used to be a very small temple not much people know about it. The only reason I knew about it was I got a classmate's pop who owns a sports shot along that streach. U know there used to be a cementry at douby gaut station too and infront is a pair of large gates.
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    CCB AssMRT Switch Off Aircon to Cut Cost!

    Well FYI for this Dickhead Lim the driver really does not control the aircondition in the train cabins he can only control the 1 at the drivers cab. The coolness in the paxs cabins are controlled by a tempt switch that maintains the cab at certain tempt. However they do tend to trip once in a...