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    [Sg] - Diner wants to know how this 'normal' packet of chicken rice can cost $6.20 at Bedok hawker stall.

    It's Ok, Spore ranked as most expensive City in the World, Number One.
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    No figure for how much is enough in Singapore's reserves: PM Lee

    CAQ and Botak combination Sinkies be squeeze to death, all die broke. All the reserves will be sucked by the Familee and Cronies for their future generations.
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    Singapore bank founder Wee Choo Yew uplorry

    Nothing will change for the dead, where ever you put em.....End
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    Humsup Pedo Ustaz

    One of the activities carried out when they are not praying.
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    why everywhere got retrenchment but pap mps.no retrenchment ?

    The whole civil service is rot to the core, their only existence is to collect revenues for their masters.
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    154th: GST to Be Hiked to 10%. Vote Very Very Wisely in 2016!

    Next batch of Chicken Wings be distributed to all Peasants again! b4 NDP.
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    Woman In M’sia Charged S$74 For 26-Day Hospital Stay, Husband Praises Healthcare System

    It's abt time Ministers and top civil servant shld not be enjoying free medical benefits from Govt Hospitals. After all they are paid extremely well and equivalent to the private sector scale, we shld allow em to lead by example.
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    Chee Hong Tat said that Jamus Lim is wrong to label rice as an essential item as rice when made into sushi is a luxury item.

    Which idiots voted for such a bird brain to represent em in parliament!!
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    Chitchat SPG's Labrador Dog Atacked by High SES Rottweilers from Sennett Road Landed Property

    Must be true, many say dogs in Sinkiepoor hve better life than Sinkies.