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    Corrupt GLC owned by Corrupt Temasek fined $422 million

    Depends what Temasick does. If they buy then you sell. Sure to win.
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    Chitchat Link to sex forum

    Wadafug was that about??????
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    Chitchat Wah, our A-team

    She have stewardess look man.
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    demise of the rental market

    There is a cab driver who lives in a big landed property in the Seletar Hills estate area around Kasai. It could be krafty who did well in his investments. Maybe he drives a cab for fun and spends more time investing and posting in sbf.
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    different categories of sammyboys

    The twit has a twat? Amazing!
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    Last night I had a dream I met the departed Kau Lin Fung.......

    Its a howling fuck so take it from there.
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    FAQ on the Reputation System

    So speaks the forum's points whore.
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    18 Year-Old Appreciative Of PAP! More Matured Than 39.9% of Voting Adults!

    This kid is a pointswhore except that he wants different type of points.
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    Rotan Lane.... Got such street name one ah?

    This is just another tan with a bad connotations like pakistan, afghanistan, turkmenistan.
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    Why Does Sam Leong sticks out like a Sore Thumb?

    He gave good service to ang moh and ah neh so they named a street after him.
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    Man removes clothes and runs naked around Lasalle building

    Maybe he lost a bet and this is his penalty.
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    Man removes clothes and runs naked around Lasalle building

    Dont hold your breath he only talk cock.
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    Good Morning!

    Its ok I am siding with you. If you fight with Narong please call me to be your cheerleader with pom pom.
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    Good Morning!

    Ok kiss and make up is better than violence.
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    PRE-GE Survey : Who Will You Vote For?

    Re: Confirm......General Elections Near This Year End............. Erections on May 2015? Got bookmaker odds on this?