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    Malaysia needs our money, yet labels us as cheapskate!!!

    You would hate CECA indians more if you were to live in Sindiapore
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    Foreigners who now become leaders in Singapore government

    Iswz Iswaran from India?
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    Foreigners who now become leaders in Singapore government

    Was the MP Sim Ann from China?
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    Serious Sinkies stopped fucking raw! Fertility rate under 1.0!

    Don't ever propose such incentive scheme, you would be accused of raiding the reserve. The garment would bring in hundreds of thousands of CECA Indians here to increase the population
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    61 year old drunk want to rape 81 year old mother. GUESS THE RACE!!

    Should be an Indian arranged marriage
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    What happens when you don't stop shitskin

    CECA Shitskins are much worst than rats?
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    Ask General George Yeo

    He talked a lot but did very little
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    Serious Trump's Massive Victory Against CECA Nikki Haley!

    I hope Triump will target at India CECA by imposlng higher duty tax when he becomes president. India is buying the cheap Russia oil disregard the UN resolution unilaterally
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    [Sg] - Jack Neo announces ‘Money No Enough 3,’ movie sequel

    Shoot the movie in Ridout Road?
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    How many Lo Hei have you had so far since CNY eve?

    You should have asked MP Baey, he and his Grassroots threw away costly 鱼生 at whose expenses?
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    [Sg video] - NTUC Fairprice opens new outlet at Clark Quay, only elites welcome, peasants fuck off

    Look at the hundreds of thousands of CECA Indians in Sinkapore displaced local PMET, do you still believe they do real work like a union? They did real work to provide retraining to convert your vocation to healthcare worker or grad driver and delivery man
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    Ahmad, Muthu, Ah Huat cheated MC and earning big money as grab drivers during airshow

    As usual, very poor planning! Remember the CNY dragon light show at MBS, almost caused human stampede until a lady wrote in then they started crowd control. No foresight of the leaders.
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    [Video] 3 days into a strike by doctors nationwide, patients in South Korea kena growing anxiety over delayed surgeries. If in Sg, what would LHL do?

    Yes, hundreds of thousands of faked CECA Indian doctors are welcome to practice in Sindiapore to displace expensive local doctors
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    Chateraise Is Set To Open Its First Unmanned Store In Singapore That Opens 24/7

    Shouldn't they more worry about CECA Indians visit their unmanned story rather than rars?
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    Samantha Anne Lim Xue Hui is pissed off with PAP

    Did Swift Taylor give free concert tickets to STB staffs?
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    Why didnt they choose JB. Or bangkok

    Because Sindiapore has many cheap and fake CECA Indians
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    Is it too late to have Tharman as our next PM.

    The garment might prefer a converted CECA Indian to be the next PM
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    [Sg video] - NTUC Fairprice opens new outlet at Clark Quay, only elites welcome, peasants fuck off

    Onl Only the favourite CECA Indians can visit the store!
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    Serious 93% Of Sinkies Support Doing 2 Years Of NS Even If It's Just For Fun With No Enemy To Kill! Oppies Still Want To Chao Keng?

    Same 94% of sinkies support CECA agreement to bring in hundreds of thousands of CECA Indians to Sindiapore
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    Baey & his mum wishes you Happy LNY

    Like mother like son!