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  1. kiwibird7

    Russian ambassador fucks PAP for being a chow kay poh

    Singapore must carry America’s balls because a lot of SINKIE investments are in America. Worried that their investments might get frozen by the self righteous Americans if they don’t openly stand with America in sanctioning Russia.
  2. kiwibird7

    Time stamp on degrees: netizens rip into MP for making incredulous suggestion

    Would the time stamp on degrees also apply to foreign talents?
  3. kiwibird7

    [Video] - Singaporean in New Zealand shocked at the prices of Singaporean dishes over there

    Clearly he is unaware the minimum wage in NZ is $20/hr. All the prices on the menu is less than an hour’s minimum wage
  4. kiwibird7

    [Singapore] - Calvin Cheng criticizes AWARE's Corinna Lim's remarks on National Service

    https://www.washingtoninstitute.org/policy-analysis/peshmerga-female-fighters-frontline-sideline Female soldiers have already been seen in action in a real war...
  5. kiwibird7

    [COVID-19 Virus] The Sinkies are fucked Thread.

    The Covid19 pandemic has taught one lesson; do not attempt a high density population as a strategy for economic success. The virus will just cull off excessively crowded cities. Planning for a 10 million population on a little red dot is just too enticing for future viruses to spread in new...
  6. kiwibird7

    This is Why You Should Not Order Grabfood, Deliveroo, Food Panda Etc...

    Put the entire food package and microwave, all viruses outside and inside food package would be killed. Hands must of course be washed upon touching food package before Microwaving and clean with disinfectant all surfaceS and buttons of microwave oven that has been touched too.
  7. kiwibird7

    Ah Loong wear mask...

    Ah Loong now don't listen to WHO advice because he doesn't want to end up like Boris Johnson in ICU. All the clowns in the cabinet never heard of a techology call VIDEO CONFERENCING. How silly not to, if one minister has Covid19, the whole bunch have to quarantine and if half go into ICU, govt...
  8. kiwibird7

    PAP million dollar ministers contradict each other, so who should we listen to?

    Lee Hsing Loong; “With the new virus, outside of Hubei province, the mortality rate is so far only 0.2 per cent. In comparison, seasonal influenza has a death rate of 0.1 per cent. So in terms of mortality, the new virus is much closer to influenza than Sars.”
  9. kiwibird7

    New Creation 1 - CHC 0

    Catholic Church in Singapore suspends Masses INDEFINITELY. https://www.mothership.sg/2020/02/william-goh-catholic-mass-ban/
  10. kiwibird7

    Those Sinkies who dodge NS become independent, successful and rich.

    Smart people all emigrate. With 2 years head start, 10 years or more of not wasting up to 40 days ICT, IPPT, RT etc how not to get ahead? NS should have been scrapped long time ago, like in the last century. Now people use Drones to kill top generals, bio weapons like exotic viruses to overload...
  11. kiwibird7

    [Singapore] - E-scooter riders outsmart the law by riding on grass adjacent to footpaths, exploit legal loophole

    What loophole? If PMDs can ride on grass, then motorcycle also can ride on grass, even motor cars also can. Did the law state that cars and motorcycles must only be travelling on roads? These brain retarded PMD riders need a total ban of PMDs in order to learn a lesson.
  12. kiwibird7

    10 reasons why Jovina Choi is Singapore's public enemy no.1

    Firstly, this kind of crazy woman needs to be publicly exposed to show that there exists female whackos out there. Secondly and more importantly Abang Kamal was most wise in protecting himself with video evidence lest this female whacko accused him of sexually molesting her. Judges tend to...
  13. kiwibird7

    Guy who claims to have worked with jovina before says she is sheltered and has overprotective mum

    Jovina could be a case of undiagnosed SCHIZOPHRENIA, exhibiting signs of persecutory delusion shown by her own remarks of being cheated by cab driver, being kidnapped and being discriminated racially.
  14. kiwibird7

    Chitchat Operation Halimah Begins

    By right, 1. any Presidential Candidate must not have any connections to the current political party in govt ie PAP for at least 1 full presidential term of 6 years. In the case of Halimah Y, just resign this year from PAP should automatically be disqualified as a candidate. 2. Moreover, she is...
  15. kiwibird7

    Serious Two possible Court Cases Against LHL?

    What is the purpose of the section marked RACE in both the SG Birth Certificate and also the NRIC and other official documents? If a person whose race indicated in the BC and NRIC can be arbitrarily superceded by a so called COMMITTEE (whose credibility & authority is very dubious). Can HY then...
  16. kiwibird7

    Serious Kim Jong Nuke Warned Ang Moh Trump, fuck around with me? you will be nuked!

    USA got Star Wars lasers in space to shoot down unreliable N Korean ICBMs which may or may not launch with 100% certainty. Once USA retaliates with counter ICBMs against N Korea, Kim will be leader of a nuclear wasteland.
  17. kiwibird7

    Serious Extinction of Ang Moh by loossy poor SPERM! Ang Moh Harbis!

    A decline in Ang Moh Sperm count also translates into less Ang Moh natural Tua Liap Boobs with deep set double eyelid and blonde hair. Most Asian Females are flat chested, Hum Chee Peng, Airport Runways with tiny slits for puffy eyes. Big boob Asians like Melody Low are a rare exception to the...
  18. kiwibird7

    Serious Organ lee and his bu go pai pai

    Buddhism and Taoism in decline in Singapore. http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/fewer-singapore-residents-identify-as-buddhists-or-taoists
  19. kiwibird7

    Chitchat It's Official! Madam Speaker Is No Longer of Indian Descent!

    Mdm Speaker can claim whatever she wants and PAP IB and tripod-stands can sing whatever praises but the ultimate shocker would be the results of the EP showing how many SINKIE DAFTS actually endorse and help a non Malay candidate win the RESERVED EP 2017.