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  1. molly

    NS defaulter rejected for Australian citizenship told to obey the laws of his country

    Ashley Rozario..... Rozario sounds like a pinoy name. If not, Eurasian.
  2. molly

    What is your breakfast drink ?

    Horlicks with Nestum
  3. molly

    Funless Sinkies outrage with the ulu pandan bear stunt

    He should have use a Big Foot or Yeti costume, there will be less outrage if he does.
  4. molly

    Singapore Democratic Alliance on the verge of collapse

    There would be fewer dispute if SDA has some kind of nomination/voting to see who to suceed Chiam. So both Desmond and Chiam's wife have equal chance of suceeding Chiam and who has the most votes will suceed Chiam. That way there will be less unhapiness because the winner was voted in...
  5. molly

    Aurvandil aka GMS said this photo will kill MBT's political career

    Wasn't this photo posted in another thread? What is all this posting about GMS and Aurvandil? You are a real spammer :eek:
  6. molly

    Jailed for sexual grooming

    25 year old preying on 11 year old :eek: What a pervert:mad:
  7. molly

    Low Versus Low

    For LTK to move to Aljunied, is like to give up that iron bowl for a paper bowl. :D
  8. molly

    4 young snatch thieves nabbed

    Thought I read about 4 young thieves some time back and they were caught by the CCTV at the provision shop. Wonder if these are the same thieves
  9. molly

    S'porean fined for drug offences

    So little drugs, must be for personal use.
  10. molly

    Dummy GCT got into election talkcock actions

    If all SM do is to make speeches, I rather not have any SMs :o
  11. molly

    Graduate starting salaries in 2009

    I'm surprised that accountancy get so low pay $2400. That's a big difference compared to those on the high end $3000. And people say accountacy is a high stress job :(
  12. molly

    Singaporean Jail for Intruding into Singapore

    That's what I thought about a light house at Pedra Branca. The photo was captioned Middle Rock, it does not have a light house. Ok, so it is not Pedra Blanca
  13. molly

    Ex-TV actor Lin Yisheng on cheating trial

    Can't believe this guy will cheat :eek:
  14. molly

    More Bangladesh maids for Singapore?

    A family with a dark skin maid looks like those american families with a black slave. If the Bangladesh maid is abuse, it would be like the white man beating the black slave. May not be good for the image.
  15. molly

    The Academic Blacklist

    It is a mystery why these sub-standards students are admitted. I can see the frustrations of the locals.
  16. molly

    X-rays of flowers

    Interesting looking pics, nice.
  17. molly

    Charged with biting daughter

    Bite own daughter? Mental sickness
  18. molly

    Four teens held for alleged lorry thefts

    - What did they steal the lorry for? - how did they learn to drive a lorry?
  19. molly

    ICA officer acquitted of four charges

    Don't these guy ever learn, you cannot get away with bribes
  20. molly

    Jailed for punching cabby

    This guy deserved to be jailed for fiddling with people things