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  1. Narong Wongwan

    Bak Kwa with the most beautiful packing

    Peng Guan packaging nice but tastes like shit But it’s cheap so many use as corporate gifts
  2. Narong Wongwan

    [Sg] - Jail for 39-year-old balding Singaporean man who gave forged letters when applying for passport, in-camp training deferment

    This chap got passport cancelled before What kind of people can’t have passport? He either sold it before or under suspicion of doing shenanigans aboard Passport is a privilege not a right for citizens
  3. Narong Wongwan

    Even Hollow Cause Survivors Condemn Zionism as Nazis

    I thot the Palestinian troublemakers attacked Israel first? No? What an out of whack world we live in now
  4. Narong Wongwan

    Another malls and restaurants lover that scold an unvaxxed drop dead.

    Heng ah limpei took useless China sinovac
  5. Narong Wongwan

    Chitchat JJ Lin and Glenn Yong Looks Very Fashionable!

    JJ Lin is a sexual predator and as teeko as they come. He ain’t gay. Really can’t tahan his fuckface
  6. Narong Wongwan

    Chitchat Sinkie BlueSG driver claimed he drove 300km/hr

    He’s joking la why no one sees the sarcasm? He’s making fun of bluesg billing error
  7. Narong Wongwan

    Chitchat Foo Mee Har had a good Sinkie Cock for past 35 years!

    So this is what the bankrupt cuckold looks like
  8. Narong Wongwan

    Spread out columbaria in other estates instead of just Mandai, Nee Soon residents say in dialogue with NEA, MP

    If not Yishun then where? Yishun is a shithole and even relocating all the columbarium won’t help their street cred
  9. Narong Wongwan

    Isawaran i think not simple, probably jiak more than is reported

    Yes this OBS very teeko and he’s infamous Can’t be never push some pussies to horny indian
  10. Narong Wongwan

    Malaysia’s Curry Puff Ranked 5th Place in Top 100 Pastries in the World

    Sinkies won’t kpkb to claim it’s theirs?
  11. Narong Wongwan

    [Sg] - Forklift operator jailed for collecting bribes of between 10 cents and $1 from truck drivers! How dare he? Corruption! 岂有此理! 成何体统!

    This fellow so old school This method outlawed for decades Back then these operators got a tray to collect tips and if tips too little no work done