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  1. vamjok


    OMG is this recent video of her? 61!!??!
  2. vamjok

    [Sg] - non-hijabi cantik SYT minah, called by malays as a traitor to the malays for joining chinese lion dance troupe

    this is nothing new, i saw tons of m.u.d ah bang doing this part time in chinese new year to earn extra cash.
  3. vamjok

    just now play truth or dare with housemate

    stupid should say yes. fantasy can become a reality if you give it a shot
  4. vamjok

    actually only stupid mnc set up regional office in singapore

    anything that company pay that is related to gst i know can claim back. basically gst don't afftect them
  5. vamjok

    Good Chiobu Teacher jailed for being too "closed" with student, kym?

    why would she got caught is beyond my understanding lol..... those kids are lucky
  6. vamjok

    Gxgx...Bitcoin ETF approval done....boat for Huat Big big has cum..dun miss the boats

    likely he works for financial institution or he works for bloomberg. I know a personal friend working in bloomberg demo shows me the power of it...I was like wahhhh.....
  7. vamjok

    Pride of the SAF: lieutenant-colonel molest young girls

    he want girls all he has to do is fly the helicopter to NTU and land it there. all will comes to him and open their legs big, they will pay him to bed them.
  8. vamjok

    2023 Investment Report Card.

    if buy and hold CSPX is better than VOO or SPY mainly because of the withholding tax, and also because CSPX is a acc ETF that does not re-distribute its dividend (better). It automatically use the dividend to buy more shares. So if intend to hold it for more than 10 years or more, CSPX is better...
  9. vamjok

    2023 Investment Report Card.

    your tactics reveals your situation. It is more for wealth preservation and slow passive income. most likely you are someone already hit your wealth goal, no debt and can throw letter in your job with zero worries. congrats, hope to reach your stage 20 years later when I retired.
  10. vamjok

    2023 Investment Report Card.

    The kind of company you becomes shareholder (aka their boss) in if you put your money in these ETF. way better than all kinds of shaddy fund they tried to sell to you, and best of all I bet none of them buy their own product with their own money.
  11. vamjok

    2023 Investment Report Card.

    to all insurance agents/bankers that sell ILP, trust me there is a special place in hell for scammers like you with zero conscience.
  12. vamjok

    2023 Investment Report Card.

    initial capital you can put in whatever amt you want. its like your own bank account. can just sign up for yourself at IBKR website. Payment is same as how you do a transfer your friend.
  13. vamjok

    2023 Investment Report Card.

    another of my most stupid move is to use UOB roboinvest. put in 11k now becomes 9k with the so call professional AI robo nonsense after 3 years. blame the market for lousy return. I blindly don't even bother to look at price and just buy these 2 ETF with zero financial knowledge beat them by...
  14. vamjok

    2023 Investment Report Card.

    ibkr as brokerage. CSPX: snp500 LSE ETF QQQM: Nasdaq100 NYSE ETF everything easily google
  15. vamjok

    2023 Investment Report Card.

    there should be really a special place in hell for insurance agent and bankers that sell those stupid products. pick up investment by myself and merely blindly DCA into index ETF like CSPX and QQQM (90:10). Investment return so much better when I do it myself and way much cheaper with 5 digits...
  16. vamjok

    2023 Investment Report Card.

  17. vamjok

    Australia 35C Sinkies grateful?

    In Singapore we call this Monday. Heat wave LOL....laugh
  18. vamjok

    [Sg] 36-year-old Singaporean Triathlete Choo Ling Er kena hit by car from her back while cycling, broke her spine in traffic accident on Christmas Day

    this lady is super fit.... few years ago i saw her strava.......I see her pace for running 42km is machiam run 2.4km under 10 min pace....