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    Wow I have been on a roll

    Did you ever roll in bed with Captain L J Mankali?
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    This feels good videos are satifying to Pro Chinese group here.... enjoy

    But he is intelligent enough to know how to fuck a camel.
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    Singaporean retires at 63 with 300k cash, 150k cpf, 4 room hdb. Everyday eat bread n rot at home $500 monthly expenses, considered successful?

    You must be kidding. How is & million enough these days? You need about $17 million at least.
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    satanic goatman trumptard qanon shaman arrested

    How about that Pompeo guy who has also been quite prominent. What is his status at the moment?
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    John Tan to be charged after allegedly throwing plate of food at cleaner!

    For sure if the man is ang moh the cleaner will be the one charged so welcome to Singapore.
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    Chitchat Riddle - What is it?

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    ST: Australia Joins US, UK, ASEAN Nations rejecting China Claims in South China Sea

    Not so easy to wipe out tiongs and get away without suffering reciprocal damage. Tiongs got lots of missiles with nukes aimed at the North and South Poles ice caps besides the major countries. Not many of these can be intercepted. China may be vaporized yes but the world will be flooded with...
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    worker buaysong with cheemeng

    Maybe it would be better to keep Chee bye on as labour chief. He kana shafted already so now he knows the power of the angry workers. I also say locals before foreigners for any jobs that the locals are qualified and want to do. If another person replaces him this person will be from the same...
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    Serious Food Discounts

    Apparently many food outlets are giving quite solid discounts because of the current situation. Anyone know any good deals being offered?
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    50 y.o. Japanese Chiobu Surely Makes 50 y.o.Ginfreely looks like a Grandmother

    Who in hell is this ginfreely and what does she look like at 50 years of age?
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    Chitchat Umbrella for Car

    Got peekture otherwise NPNT.
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    Income gap widens in Singapore

    Got anyone's uncle say anything?
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    Konsortium tours suddenly closed due to financial crisis!

    Maybe thats why they closed shop.
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    Serious Moderators please take note

    This tanwahtiu is a nuisance and posts all sorts of rubbish all the time. Its time to ban this person again.
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    Serious Moderators please take note

    Mods please take note forumner tanwahtiu posting lots of rubbish and bring in religious quotes.