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  1. lecher

    ideal wife / girlfriend ?

    what would you look for in a wife/gf ? intelligence, beauty, eq/iq, killers' bod, wealth, etc ? :rolleyes:
  2. lecher

    human rights or freedom of speech ?

    whatever we have (or the lack of them), we are not worst off as compared to those western countries that preach this human right thing and do otherwise .....
  3. lecher

    Ren Ci Hospital (another case of NKF?)

    does he travel first class too ?
  4. lecher

    Ren Ci Hospital (another case of NKF?)

    read fm the papers this morning ..... understand vernerable ming yi has been slap with 10 charges for alleged forgery, conspiracy and misuse of funds .... sense of deja vu again ...... :(
  5. lecher

    what's your dream job ?

    maybe yr boss also surf sammyboy forum .... probably if he/she knows you are an ol bird, could also ask you for tips/guidence :D
  6. lecher

    R(A) tv movie channel ?

    you are quite right, actually. but then again, what is it that the current 12 to 14 year olds do not know when it comes to the birds and the bees ? by surfing the web, even more explicit videos can be found :D
  7. lecher

    R(A) tv movie channel ?

    we've got R(A) movies in the cinamas since many years ago. are we not mature to accept R(A) tv movies as well ? it's just like years ago, we'll drop dead over the idea of a casino in singapore, now we are going to have 2 instead ..... so, why not a R(A) tv movie channel :rolleyes:
  8. lecher

    casual dressing

    casual can also look good, so long as we don't dress like slops....
  9. lecher

    road rage

    was driving this evening when i heard over the radio on the subject of road rage. are we getting very impatient or are we very lacking in driving etiquette / graciousness :confused:
  10. lecher

    what's your dream job ?

    should be slyer, my bad :o
  11. lecher

    what's your dream job ?

    saw slayer's thread and thought to myself : why not asked for a dream job instead ? well, for a start, i hope to be my own boss, in the same industry as what i'm in now (transportation), with 15 competent staff, earning up to $10k a month, working 5 day week fm 10 am to 4 pm and spending...
  12. lecher

    Is Singapore a good place to be?

    for those who thinks that singapore is not good enough, perhaps can share which other place(s) could be better ? i for one think that i'll work my lungs out here in singapore and then retire some where like bangkok or perhaps even in certain cities in china, eg dalian ....
  13. lecher

    Oil prices

    i'm no economics expert but just curious..... S$ is stronger now, hence, thought S$ would have exchange advantage. if crude oil is based on US$, then when S$/US$ was 1.6/1, with oil prices then at time assuming at US$ 100, we would be paying close to S$160 per barrel. if now at US$...
  14. lecher

    Moving to China for good

    i've been to dalian and qingdao and comparing these 2 cities with the others, especially beijing and shanghai, i personally feel that these 2 cities are far better in the quality of living, cost is not too high and the air is better .... the only thing i cannot stand is that those folks there...
  15. lecher

    singapore's singaporean ?

    sometime, i feel like i really love singapore but at certain times, i could not accept certain policies that were introduced ...... guess it's like having a wife, you have to accept her in all, be it good or bad ...... perhaps we share the same skin colour since we are chinese but if we were...