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  1. tommy

    GMS and Leila - an interesting pair

    It was Mr Goh Meng Seng himself that said the photo trigger the devilish attacks. So I asked him to elaborate to hear his side of story, not just the attacker's version of events.
  2. tommy

    Blacklisting companies shouldn't be so easy

    How can the gahment blacklist a company based on one employee's complaint? This is most ridiculous, gahment siding with FT??
  3. tommy

    GMS and Leila - an interesting pair

    Could you elaborate? What is it about the photo that trigger the devilish attack on you? I like to hear your side of story, not just the attacker's version of events.
  4. tommy

    Bogus cop forces boy to have sex with him

    haha anytime there's force, you know it's bogus
  5. tommy

    Bad Taxi Driver

    This one has nothing to complain about. It is fair and square. I bet she's surprise by cabby's response.
  6. tommy

    PAP is very clever . Use train service disruption to mask downturn

    OK. It is for boosting capacity
  7. tommy

    Rat spotted at Paragon Shopping Centre

    Ahem... isn't it a duty to report to NEA?? :D
  8. tommy

    Philippine SWAT Team storm bus with hostages in Manila

    Thanks, up your points for the photos and news.
  9. tommy

    Teen endangers himself climbing up 8 storeys like Spiderman

    That is a silly act because one slip he might fall :(
  10. tommy

    Philippine SWAT Team storm bus with hostages in Manila

    They arrested the brother of the hijacker for conspiracy. Wonder why the brother was allowed to be one of the hostage negotiator, he could be passing information to the hijacker. Any news/photo about what happen to the brother?
  11. tommy

    Malaysian Armed Forces Pictures

    Those amazing things posted about Malaysia military - they are all fiction...
  12. tommy

    School forces students to pay $50 for 45th anniversary

    If no money, don't celebrate so grand lor :)
  13. tommy

    Does this look like World Class Transport Service?

    Case of cleaner forgetting to look up :(
  14. tommy

    Ang Moh: So What? I Foreigner Leh! *Chey*

    It didn't look busy at that time, so forgive the ang moh and let's move on?
  15. tommy

    Using western name to hide her country of birth

    If Isabelle is her legal name, then no choice lor, got to report her name as Isabelle.
  16. tommy

    Petition to demand apology from minister?

    Your petition signed, thank you for speaking out for Singapore.
  17. tommy

    Why do people like to wear Rolex?

    Not many people may know Hublot :(
  18. tommy

    YOG tickets sold twice?

    YOG really messed up with the event - empty seats, forced volunteers etc but the issue of "YOG tickets sold twice" is flawed because if it is taken as right, the storekeepers, wholesalers are all guilty of selling the same item two, or three times. Let's see, manufacturer sells items to...
  19. tommy

    Why do people like to wear Rolex?

    Because immitation Rolex are easily available and cheap and people cannot tell apart between a genuine Rolex and fake Rolex.
  20. tommy

    YOG – Now is not the time

    The problem is YOG is a game that some don't want while the Olympics is wanted by both the parties at war.