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    Zaobao survey 56% sinkies not interested in Taylor Swift concert

    Yes I not interested,cb ,its profit for oapigs kakis
  2. M

    Election cumming soon! PAP Bukit Panjang has $1 deals for peasant sinkies!

    They know that next round the, going to list so come up with 1 dollar meal,vb if these pplstiil believe I lol
  3. M

    Pfizer @ suntec celebrate with sinkies

    Should ask fellow si kids to jab all pap mps on the spot with verification then we see how
  4. M

    Pfizer @ suntec celebrate with sinkies

    Cb pap killing sinkies,fuck them
  5. M

    Guess??? 19 yr old male let younger sister BJ him for 5 years

    Sick family ,not being racist but I think the rave is obvious
  6. M

    Serious Toast Box’s Cakes shrinked to mini size 2.20 each piece

    Lol, sinkies go learn how to bake,knn, cheaper, but many knn
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    Chitchat Jiuhu Bu detained in China for carrying friend's pills

    Act innocent, this jiuhu cunt
  8. M

    why during cim, some women are scared & sad while some women are happy & glad?

    To be truth based on myself ,if Yr wife reject cim, although u as husband lick n suck her pussy but she still reject husband cim,means actually u are not the one she loves, actually female only cim fir those they live n lives,like ML ,cb I married one that Don loves me but only for money,ccb
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    Molest hub, 5 caught! Guess the race!

    Lol, open leg policies,lol,this will continue ,unless fsmilee members got molest then ah long n papigs mp will think abt these
  10. M

    if CHICKEN rice stall use roosters instead of hens, would u be able to tell the difference when you eat them?

    Now then ppl knows, cos in Taiwan n China, hen ate use to lay eggs to generate income, toaster are use as meat,lol, many in sg hawker n restaurant use roosters as dish,lol
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    Meta tells PAP to fuck off and don't anyhow blame Meta for their own stupid Sinkies.

    Lol, expected, papigs mp are useless , to get away is to blame others, if papigs are good ,they already left pap n setuptheir own company like Facebook or others n become rich, these papigs are leeches, like city harvest,lol,
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    [Sg video] - PAP chiobu Sun Xueling scolds billionaire Mark Zuckerberg in Sg parliament

    When a person is incapable, she will direct the shit to another one,lol,she is a tiong also
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    WTF. I thought Sickipoora is a very principled cuntry.

    Wat to do they give this n that to secure votes , 70,% blur sinkies happy,
  14. M

    80 year old hit and run by fucking cyclist, kena scolded somemore! Guess the race!

    Lol, Allah ppl, black heart, knn court should go max 4 yrs n fine 10k, so will show n deter all cyclists, knn or else this type case like forever happening,pap really no brain n Don know which fucker start this idea
  15. M

    OMG....NUS did it again.. not only they have DikO Talents yo film XMM in toilet, they also have AMDk jiak Hao Liao

    Why pap always bring in rubbish ppl, nus looks like a cat png place
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    Serious Tiong stabbed Tiong in Sinkieland, SPG Landlord Kenna Pushed!

    Lol, pap brings in 3rd world ppl lol , they still think it can boost economy,lol, I hv seen tiong n Myanmar, ceca ,jiuhu kia , can hold post that paid 6k or more ,lol, even seen senior mgr a female talk to Americans in broken English n act alas,lol, actually she from village ,cos maybe she good...
  17. M

    "If Singaporeans will not or cannot defend Singapore, there is no backstop. That is the simple truth.

    Lol, ask sinkies to defend ,lol ,for wat ,defend our debts like housing loan or whatever, lol, maybe defend papigs salary n properties in sg,lol
  18. M

    Serious Li Shengwu now a Full Professor at Harvard University.

    If LSW comes back sg inwill vote for him, actually he should be PM not that cb lau lan wrong that fucker is useless