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    Serious Sinkies stopped fucking raw! Fertility rate under 1.0!

    This type of face and the chart is extremely CO-RELATED.
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    Chitchat Jiakliaobee Louis Ng is speaking up for many groups (are you one of them?)

    He is hinting that Election is coming soon. Last time Tan Chuan Jin and Ng Chee Meng also said the same thing. Then sinkies kena fucked after voting for them.
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    China people are very angry with Singapore for trumpeting Taylor Swift. They said Han Hong 韩红 can sing million times better than Taylor

    Why worried. Everything found on the stage of Taylor Swift was made in China.
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    HDB resale - How long seller usually takes to respond to offer?

    Depends on how urgent the seller wanted to close the deal.
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    Can you believe this Chinese man is 70 years old?

    He looks like Bruce Lee.
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    PURPLE STORM for General Elections 2024

    Syed Putra failed to convince his family members to vote otherwise, . His family believed CDC $500 voucher is a game changer to feed his entire tribes.
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    PURPLE STORM for General Elections 2024

    A couple more handouts and all the above issues will be happily forgotten. Expect nothing new from typical sinkies stockholm syndrome in the next GE.
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    WORST CHICKEN RICE IN SINGAPORE : Tong Fong Fatt chicken rice

    Sinkies do not believe in "one bitten twice shy". Many such sellers love to exploit on those sinkie syndrome.
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    Low class Pinoy intro Hotel 81 Princess like it's some 5star to her

    Now all pinoy know where to go after hooking up bangala.
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    Apple Gives Up on Electric Car business

    Even Telsa cannot easily challenge BYD if the latter is not being banned in America. I saw momentary increase of BYD all over Singapore. and cater to both low and high-end sinkie users.
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    Tiong C919 Flying in Singapore!

    Their drones are already all over Singapore, what is new?
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    Serious PAP Closing Down 6 Police Posts Permanently! Oppies Happy Now?

    Our police force is extremely short handed. I think China with 1.4 people should have more than enough manpower to spare this island? Don't forget China now more hi-tech than Singapore.
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    [Sg] - Chiobu Charissa Tan : Is it a crime to be a woman? She kena fired by Mr Coconut for being pregnant!

    Pregnant woman should work in the government sector. The perks are good. You do less, more break time and iron rice bowl too. This type of job is well loved by Syed Putra familees.
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    Our sustained inflation is due to GST increment

    The majority of NTUC's merchandise have seen a notable price hike in markup. Even most Daiso products are now tagged at minimum Yen200 = SGD4.00. I urge everyone to protest with their wallets and stop being a stupid and retard sinkies.
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    Where is the pork and lard in this chinese fried rice?

    Fried rice is the most easiest to cook dish, next to instant noodles.
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    Useless Singaporeans who keep going to JB

    Shithole is expensive because Sinkies love to spend and spend like no tomorrow thinking it will bring down their stress and depression. Once you cast your vote to the right party, all problems solved, such simple remedy is difficult to get into Sinkies head for decades.
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    [Sg] - “We are SAF-trained, so we are not afraid! " Civilians cooperate to subdue chopper-wielding attacker in Commonwealth

    Cut these guys some slack. People get high easily when given something as recognisation. Look at those lau uncles and lau aunties interviewed by msm, they praised their MASTER no end after receiving CDC vouchers.
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    Breaking news: halal pork is here!

    He has already licked non-halal pussy-cat, what is new to him?