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    Tell Your Kid Not To Raise Legs @ Bus Drivers Or Else...

    MUST BE AH TIONG! All complaints in SG are from keileng and violence from ah tiong, who says we cannot racially profile!
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    caption this pic!

    She is having whale sushi as soon as he frees "Willy"!
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    Stomp - donations can - students behave like ruffians

    This cheebye stomper! Seriously, who the fuck will donate after the TT Durai and mad monk affair?!
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    Underwear-Like Swimming Trunks Banned From Sg Beaches!

    Wahhh.. this guy has got a 6 pack!
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    More on Female Teacher Paedophile

    THats why PRC is the scourge of singapore! At least there is an upshot to this, she did not find an ang mo boy...
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    Has anyone seen a snake before?

    I see one everyday,in fact i have a picture of it...
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    OMG, This Is The Kind Of Teachers We Have In Our Schools

    How long ago was that??!!! Which batch?
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    What is the difference between a good woman and a bad woman?

    The bad woman goes on top! WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
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    Jamie Yeo and Glenn Ong have split

    Sounds about right for someone from one of the big three churches...
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    Woman who chop seats with tissue says she following 'Culture'

    I agree with ramseth. I dont shotgun seats myself, but the whole tissue paper thing is significantly more civilised than some of the other practices i encountered across the world. Ever seen anyone left their babies on the macdonalds table to reserve the seats?
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    Disabled China beggars hit Waterloo St during CNY

    Basket, even the beggers here are 'ft'!!!!!!!!!!
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    1 Million FTs in S'pore. We Must Make Them Leave. Here Is How. Co-operate S'poreans

    Re: 1 Million FTs in S'pore. We Must Make Them Leave. Here Is How. Co-operate S'porea Hes prolly a foreigner himself.
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    John Lennon and Yoko Ono spotted at Holland Village

    How i wish i am a foreign elite.....
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    John Lennon and Yoko Ono spotted at Holland Village

    Why dont stompers stomp this type of ppl instead?
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    why does a small nation need to spend so much in defence?

    Please, do you have any idea how much a colonel earns each mnth? 300,000! The increment in spending wont even cover the salaries of the officers! Wanna bet not much will change inspite of the extra spending?
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    Our PM is not DUMB

    Of course our PM is not dumb! But he is evil and greedy beyond reason, just look at all his policies, when did it NOT benefit him?!
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    Suddenly I feel like listening to a beautiful love song

    Wat ppl really need to do is to go dancing! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eDNZiJ1nBA
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    What happened to Vivian Balakrishnan?

    He got killed for looking at a girl bartop dancing.
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    Does this freaks you out?

    Thats true, its the only reason i go to church as well. You forgot to mention HORNY!!
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    40 apply to my restaurant in one day

    To be fair, he needs to widen his horizons alot!! Go to the cricket club and he would understand what service is abt.