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  1. searcher1

    [Sg] - OnlyFans Titus Low slams chio JHB ex-wife for restricting visitation rights with their 11-month-old daughter

    Got do DNA test or not ? Dont keep saying daughter daughter until its proven
  2. searcher1

    PRCs not allowed on plane that Tom Cruise was allowed in MI

    Dont allow Chinese to view German planes, then China also banned German from visiting their C919 too Cased Closed
  3. searcher1

    she left her bf and went for holiday and slept with 22 men in 10 days. slut?

    This is so wonderful ... Guys ... its getting so easy these days !!!
  4. searcher1

    Samsters Donating to this FT's Child for his $191,000 Hospital Bill?

    Why appeal to SG Public for donation when they can seek assistance from Philippines Embassy
  5. searcher1

    Attention seeking sinkie slut kiaraakitty staged her own egg throw drama in Taiwan.

    This type should tio POFMA immediately upon touchdown back at Changi Airport
  6. searcher1

    Samantha Anne Lim Xue Hui is pissed off with PAP

    It is basically STB uses T.S concert to prop-up the economy of SG. Why should they focus on Local when we do not contribute much Cant really compare to foreign fans who will stay in hotel, eat/drink/party
  7. searcher1

    Leong Mun Wai stepped down! John Tan and Pappies happy now?

    Have any PAP member been issued POFMA ?
  8. searcher1

    AMDL ask HK Chinks to Go Back to Chyna!

    Hongkies now experience their democracy after they left Hong Kong, real stupid people.
  9. searcher1

    Unchanged fortunes: Chinese prostitute becomes online sensation for low rates

    That is NOT a Prostitute, she is a Healer of Man
  10. searcher1

    [Sg video] - WP Jamus Lim says Sg Reserves belong to Singaporeans, not PAP

    Even IF for some magical possibility, presume the PAP is entirely voted out. All the Temasek & GLC Chairman/CEO position are still held by PAP important member They just need to stall the new Govt a few years, make them look bad for unable to achieve anything
  11. searcher1

    Chitchat Record 2 Million FTs in Japan!

    Smart of Japan to avoid Halal & Incredible India FT, their Country will be safe :laugh:
  12. searcher1

    'Better than a real man': young Chinese women turn to AI boyfriends

    It proves that the "quality" that Woman want is not available in real life
  13. searcher1

    Chitchat Toyota hybrid winning

    There is rumour EV will use nuclear waste to create next-generation battery that can last 50 years
  14. searcher1

    Ji Xia Suay, Sinki Lao Pok Mitsubishi Lancer Driver smash Atas Upright Jiuhu Car Window...now Mata looking for him liao

    Entire JB Polis is looking for this red car, many meat to makan, many kopi to be squeezed. Even those Personnel on Leave also cancel their OFF, return to duty, its a moment to whack Sinkie
  15. searcher1

    [Sg] - All eateries (from hawker centers to restaurants) will add a 10% festive surcharge to your bill during the 1st 3 days of CNY

    10% surcharge already very charity liao loh Usually CNY period, Roti Prata markup 100%