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    Sooseeloh LOSE Till Pants Drop!

    as usual for almost all foreign imported players ...... lots of lightning, thunder ........ no rain ........:cool:
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    condo vandalism - another case of ugly singaporean ?

    i read with interest on today's straits times' forum, can't imagine that we have ppl here in singapore who will turn into "gansterism" just to threaten someone else to sell their condo for the sake of the en bloc sale ..... reckon $$ is the final evil ..... :(
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    bosom - men's desire or women's pride ?

    i read with interest on today's new paper which feature pan ling ling's ample bosom ...... question is, why do we (men) put so much interest into this bosom thing ? or does women equally take it into their stride if their bosom is very well endowed ?
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    do i have a life ?

    hey bro, i'm something like you, just that i'm not married .... so, occassionally, i have to "de-stress" by chionging ...... just to have my "own" time and life ......
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    how faithful can we be ?

    i'm not married yet, got a gf for about 2 years, she good looking, well educated, in fact, she's a grad whereas i'm not. she's good to me, considerate, loving, etc, my mom has already considered her as my "wife". the question is, i still like to cheong once a while, for which after each...
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    ideal wife / girlfriend ?

    my ideal wife is already somebody else wife already .....:(
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    human rights or freedom of speech ?

    do we really lack human rights or freedom of speech (or both) here in singapore ? is this a good trade-off for what we are having now as compared to other countries ?
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    casual dressing

    well said ......;)
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    what's your dream job ?

    maybe a fashion/nude model photographer with one of those top end adult magazines :p