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    Forest city lives!

    ..recently when I was at FC, I noted the following, 1. there was some kind of a "Customs" Control (but sproadic checks) on the transit of Alcohol, Ciggies, 2. at the "Beach" at Nights, there were various Groups of Heavy Beer Drinkers who cluster at the beach shelters, to drink, smoke and have...
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    Do you find hawker centre quite useful?

    if One analyses the Fundamentals of the Food Culture here, most dishes are either too salty, too oily, too little fresh greens, The tastiness cumms mostly from the processed sauces filled with exotic ingredients which really, are feeding future Patients to the Medical Industry (to Profit off...
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    [Sg] - Woman and baby found dead at foot of Ghim Moh HDB block; second such case in a month

    With the numerous 40+ story flats built, do they come with anti-suicide features ? Recently I was at the Dawson Flats & realized that there are many locations for any one to jump down from the various sky gardens there
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    FB Scams, Has Anyone Experienced this Gift Card / Cash App Thingy

    Has anyone here accepted FB Friend Request, then this Friend sucks up to You,..Flatters You, then asks You to go to 7-11 to buy the Apple Gift Cards ? How easy is it to steal another person's identity, by copying the picture of th ePerson, and creating a new account, using this stolen picture ...
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    Not a glorify setup... turned Singapore into opium trading, prostitution trading, gamblings, coolies... remove Raffles Statue and angmoh road names...

    But isn't SG now a Sex Emporium for the Regional Horny Clients ? From international Social Escorts to Pinoy Dance Instructors,...they make $$$$ without being income-taxed ? Sexual Diseases are being treated profitably by the many Private Clinics here ?
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    Puteri Harbour Community

    Why is the Marina clubhouse still undergoing "renovations" ?
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    Ex PM Goh Chok Tong thumbs up even though his only son could be jailed for severals due to stock market scam

    "In the past, politicians served the Nation for Life. Now, Politicans gets the Highest pay,.. And can retire to enjoy the $$$ proceeds" Is this statement correct ?
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    How much is RK's exposure to Puteri Harbour ? Jen Hotel Closed. Southern Marina Construction Stopped

    https://www.theedgesingapore.com/news/company-news/sutl-proposes-disposal-johor-bahru-property-rm115-mil 1. Why is 1-deg 15 totally pulling out of Putrid Harbour ? 2 What are the Real Reasons that Jen Hotel Stopped Business and Closed ? 3. What's the Real Story with the Pinewood-Marco Polo...
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    Jurong Residents Complaining about Proliferation of Massage Spas with Kukujiao Services!

    Why no one dares to investigate how these places obtained the licences, and how did the masseurs enter SG to do such trade ?
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    How much is RK's exposure to Puteri Harbour ? Jen Hotel Closed. Southern Marina Construction Stopped

    what's the name of the Managing Director, Company Name who manages this area ?
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    Has Anyone experienced Corruption in the Property Industries in Johor ?

    It seems that there is a new wave of Property Buyers in Johor now. Would they be victims,or Victors ?
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    [Sg] - Bilahari Kausikan speaks : 'If a big war in the Middle East comes, it'll be over Iran not Palestine'

    such talk by Bilahari', a reinforcement to the Belief that such Schloars are over-paid B'Shitters ?
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    Where is Nas Daily? He's an Israeli-Palestinian.

    how did Nas connect and get Loony to appear in Nas videos about SG ? ..how many were influenced by Nas's clip on Sam Bang-man FTX,. invested & got $$$$ burnt ?
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    [Sg] $15mil a year DBS CEO: Stop pushing me! I'm already hiring more talent to solve the problems, which are “deep down & require deep understanding"!

    How did DBS write off or hide the massive exposure, lossess to the Offshore companies such as Swiber, Ezra,..etc.,.. ?
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    Boating in JB

    Care to elaborate on Boat Workscope details ? If not convenient, please PM me. Many Puteri Harbour Owners are in self-denial and refuse to accept the facts that Puteri Harbor is NOT a True Marina, but simply a place for boats to berth,..and little else. There will be NO improvements unless we...
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    How much is RK's exposure to Puteri Harbour ? Jen Hotel Closed. Southern Marina Construction Stopped

    Considering the latest developments between the Two PM's, Will some of the "Catalyst" Projects be revived ? Why is Puteri Harbour, looking so run-down now ? Is the Clubhouse still "undergoing renovation" ? Has UEM run out of Budget to fix these ? Why did Peter Lim, Arthur Tay, pull out of...
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    How many clerks working as hostess leh?

    isn't such case, a revealation of the many loopholes in the MOM, ICA regulations that allow questionable Talents to enter this island and procreate vices and viruses,..?