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  1. A Singaporean

    [Sg video] - ATB who was a SAF soldier shows you around her HDB flat

    Only retards think that owning hdb pigeon holes is a big deal.
  2. A Singaporean

    Burmese FT Doctor Finally Jailed for Liposuction Death of Managing Director in 2009!

    Send the fucking Sinkie to jail and a stern warning to the FT will do.
  3. A Singaporean

    CECA From PwC Gives “Advice to People on How Bad Singapore is Overall”

    Only retard and low ses Sinkies think that Sickipoora is Heaven on earth.
  4. A Singaporean

    after wisdom tooth x 2 extraction, come home straight away lim brandy...knn !!!!

    You are so fucking lucky. She is Eve giving u aka Adam the apple.
  5. A Singaporean

    Visa free travel between Cina and Sinkie signed.

    It used to be Sinkie can go to Cina visa free.Now it is the other way too. Song boh ?
  6. A Singaporean

    ComfortDelGro taxi flagdown rates to go up by 50 cents

    Damn good news. More hikes please. Retard Sinkies enjoy being fucked.
  7. A Singaporean

    Visa free travel between Cina and Sinkie signed.

    No worry one. We will provide free vaccine to all.
  8. A Singaporean

    Chitchat $3,000 Fine for Proofer Bakery with Dead Mice found on Floor plus other safety lapses!

    Poor Sinkies so picky. What's wrong with a rat or two. We already have so many aka CECAs on the street.
  9. A Singaporean

    [Video] - Israel Pumps Water from Mediterranean Sea to Drown Out Hamas In Their Underground Tunnels

    Hitler used gas and now they use water. Any difference ? UN diam diam.
  10. A Singaporean

    Serious Very Cham Johoreans Cost of Living Jerked Up by Yaogui Sinkies!

    Without Mudland many low ses in hdb would have starved to death.
  11. A Singaporean

    [Sg] - EDMWer enjoys a satisfying, delicious, healthy meal for only $1.80

    Yes, retard Sinkies should focus on hawker food. This should be the only priority. Dumb arses.
  12. A Singaporean

    why christmas must give presents? why cannot give angpaos?

    If don't give presents how to be angmoh wannabe?
  13. A Singaporean

    Syed Putra stay away! If you are a successful CECA, you can smash a Chinese poosie like this

    To a CECA marrying a yellow Asian girl is like winning first prize toto.
  14. A Singaporean

    Serious "Breaking Bad" Gets Busted At NTU World Class University! Guess Race!

    Give them free education and yet they continue to fuck it up.
  15. A Singaporean

    Jet Li's fuckable family.

    Retard Sinkies in hdb please stop dreaming. Focus on your hawker centre food.