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  1. Leongsam

    Burmese FT Doctor Finally Jailed for Liposuction Death of Managing Director in 2009!

    Burmese are obviously not the best after all.
  2. Leongsam

    CECA From PwC Gives “Advice to People on How Bad Singapore is Overall”

    He's entitled to his opinions just those who praise Singapore are free the air the positives.
  3. Leongsam

    Cybertruck delivery....

  4. Leongsam

    Cybertruck delivery....

  5. Leongsam

    Cybertruck delivery....

    The cybertruck is safer for pedestrians and cyclists compared to conventional shaped pickups.
  6. Leongsam

    Cybertruck delivery....

  7. Leongsam

    [Sg] - The Decline of The Straits Times by Derwin Pereira

    https://derwinpereiramusings.com/2023/12/03/decline-of-the-straits-times/ Derwin Pereira If journalism is the first draft of history, it was a desire to write the second draft that brought Derwin Pereira from journalism to...
  8. Leongsam

    Cybertruck delivery....

    Right hand drive model will be available after all!!!
  9. Leongsam

    [Sg video] - CNA : She's Over 30 And Never Had A Boyfriend Before In Her Life

    The reason has to be pretty obvious. Just watch the video.
  10. Leongsam

    [Reddit] - AMDK says : Living in UK is really fucked up

    This is what happens without the PAP in charge!
  11. Leongsam

    Cybertruck delivery....

  12. Leongsam

    [Sg] - Woman lying on the floor at AMK MRT station platform, unconscious or dead?

    CNA needs to be taken to task for misgendering this person. It could well be a criminal offense.
  13. Leongsam

    Any samster here buying Tesla Cybertruck ?

    Not available in right hand drive configuration and probably won't be for a long time.
  14. Leongsam

    Sharia Taliban: There is no abuse against women, women cannot assume positions of authority because “women have lesser brains

    Can't help but agree with him especially regarding the womens' brain part.
  15. Leongsam

    North Korea has a better Sports Hub than SG

    Wow socialism is a better system after all!
  16. Leongsam

    [Sg] - Woman lying on the floor at AMK MRT station platform, unconscious or dead?

    The number of nutjobs on that tiny island is staggering! What is driving so many of sinkieland's inhabitants crazy?
  17. Leongsam

    Cybertruck delivery....