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  1. UltimaOnline

    [Sg] - Snack store SGFR selling rare Prime drinks at Sg$350 per bottle draws hundreds of students eagerly queuing up to buy

    There are 9 Regular Prime Hydration flavours for normal consumption. However some of the Prime Bottles are meant for collectors only (not for drinking) as they are produced in very limited quantities and super rare to get across the world...
  2. UltimaOnline

    [Sg] - EDMWer enjoys a satisfying, delicious, healthy meal for only $1.80

    KPO_SAHM : Requested for lesser portion of meehoon. Bought from yio chu kang NTU canteen bus interchange. Now I could understand how people could survive with only $10 for 3 meals if u r not fussy
  3. UltimaOnline

    [Video] - Cute baby hippo at Toronto zoo

  4. UltimaOnline

    [Sg video] - Sg Malays love Lee Kuan Yew