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  1. Balls2U

    Is it better to die without knowing when or to know when you going to drop dead?

    To die one week after you suddenly heard a Bangla whistling at you would be good. At least have some advance notice. :o-o:
  2. Balls2U

    [Sg video] - ATB who was a SAF soldier shows you around her HDB flat

    She hangs her laundry along the corridor to dry. Those lao tikos will quietly go there to steal her bras and panties.
  3. Balls2U

    Demi Moore looks creepy.

    Her black forest is as thick and bushy as Mdm Mayfair's.
  4. Balls2U

    ComfortDelGro taxi flagdown rates to go up by 50 cents

    Sinkies are then forced to take public transport. But even public transport fares are also increasing. So Sinkies are double fucked!
  5. Balls2U

    [Video] - AMDK vs BLM in a MMA fight on Scoot flight headed from Singapore to Manila last Friday

  6. Balls2U

    Chitchat Please Guess??? Jiuhu fucks 2 year old Cheebye with his fingers, gag order cannot named!

    That's how it all started for Mdm Mayfair when she was 2 yrs old.
  7. Balls2U

    [Sg] - EDMWer : My horror wisdom tooth extraction (Don't choose lady dentist)

    I have already made it a point since primary school days that the dentist I go to must never have a cunt. Cos a cunt fuck it up for me during one of those compulsory trips to Pegu Rd dental clinic that resulted in the extraction of a tooth. I swear I would slap that bitch if I ever meet her again.
  8. Balls2U

    i hate my team 老巫婆 line manager. how to revenge?

    That bitch should have signed on in the Army where fucking up subordinates is the norm.
  9. Balls2U

    Aussie AMDK escorted off the plane after he created trouble and kena bashed terok terok by fellow passengers.

  10. Balls2U

    It’s been almost a year. How many more good years?

    Why, you have intestinal metaplasia is it? For your case, cervical cancer is more likely considering your daily intimate interactions with Banglas.
  11. Balls2U

    Chitchat This Week's Fit Chiobu - Lim Kai Yu

    Looks like a gorilla.
  12. Balls2U

    i swear i am not a virgin. if i lie, i will die a violent death and my descendants will become18 generations of whores

    You mentioned the highly sensitive word "virgin". Expect some spamming coming your way....
  13. Balls2U

    [Sg video] - Mall security guard threatens to call police on chiobu who tried to take some toilet paper for her boyfriend

    Can't she go inside the cubicle, lock the door, take the tissue and put it in her bag or pocket and then come out of the toilet? Don't tell me the security guard will go inside the female toilet to check on people stealing toilet paper.
  14. Balls2U

    Do you feel happy cursing people ?

    With the exception of John Tan, we forumners here are happy fucking the Pappies everyday.
  15. Balls2U

    Do you feel happy helping people?

    I'll be glad to offer my help to Banglas who are itching to whistle at you.
  16. Balls2U

    Have you heard of this church called Rod of Iron Church? The pastor calls himself Chief Prophet!

    This mother fucker said that he's the gateway to Jesus and that you cannot know Jesus without knowing him.