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  1. mudhatter

    Singapore ranks 35th in promiscuity

    and you believed it? you mean ceca tiongs with world's largest populations are least promiscuous. :laugh: all the geylangs of the world wouldnt be populated by tiongs if they were not promiscuous
  2. mudhatter

    Singapore ranked top 3 in the world with high IQ while CECA people ranked 143rd

    why did IQ scores fall in stinkypura and hongkies? ceca dragged down scores in stinky. how abt hongkies? sorry can't take it seriously if egypt algeria suudi are said to be dumber than uganda.
  3. mudhatter

    When BRICS Takes Off SG is Fucked!

    no one really scared of stinky navy since stinkypura hasn't got enough ppl. low birthrates and al lthat sh*t mean hardly any true blu stinky peasants to choose from. tiongs don't even possess 200 destroyers, really a joke to say tiongs can churn out battleships like wanton. got billions of...
  4. mudhatter

    When BRICS Takes Off SG is Fucked!

    you joking? in displacement, yanks alone outdo tiong navy. in aircraf carrier, ditto. in nuke powered sub, ditto. in mpa, ditto. etc etc etc. moreover tiong invention = zero. just cut copy paste except they can't even do that well, they bungle up everywhere all the time. utterly lousy pathetic...
  5. mudhatter

    More Accepting Christianity After this Change

    You are the worse of the lot. You are a faggot. A chink. A subhuman. A moron. A kafir. A faggot who got his arse defiled by your ang moh kia priest and have come to love it. So not only are you faggots, but also your false polytheist religion promotes genocied of red indians aussie aborigines...
  6. mudhatter

    kaa’ba is very powerful

    Did he admit he is a liar kafir just now? That he made up a verse of the Quran hoping to fool you? :laugh: I have been saying all along he is a Hindu moron.
  7. mudhatter

    G77 summit in Cuba calls for new global order LOL

    Maybe, they should not have hired a stupid nigger like you to determine their foreign and defence policy then. Who would do the flattening within a matter of hours exactly? What should have happened to them in the first place? And if Iran is soooo weak, then why the hell did Iran start with...
  8. mudhatter

    kaa’ba is very powerful

    Muslims don't worship the Kaabah. I thought Norkies threatened to kaboom Yanks? What would happen if whole of North America goes kaboom?
  9. mudhatter

    “Is there a true religion in the world?”

    idiot kelingkia, try rephrasing it. doesn't make much sense now.
  10. mudhatter

    “Is there a true religion in the world?”

    God created Man. not the other way round.
  11. mudhatter

    Which large city will detonate CCP’s economic bomb?

    bastards like you should have been burned on a pyre the day your ceca monkey father impregnated your ceca dalit mother. since you are a bot, no harm in wishing your death either.
  12. mudhatter

    When BRICS Takes Off SG is Fucked!

    so paisehcannot like that one meh
  13. mudhatter

    When BRICS Takes Off SG is Fucked!

    yeah it's true because it's on jewtube.
  14. mudhatter

    When BRICS Takes Off SG is Fucked!

    tell me more. what happened? dont tell me it's true because it's in wikipedia
  15. mudhatter

    OIC asks India to surrender Kashmir to Pakistan

    ceca should be expelled from brics. this clears the way for distinct alliances now ceca wants to step in multiple boats. if the boats start rowing in opposite directions ceca uplorry
  16. mudhatter

    OIC asks India to surrender Kashmir to Pakistan

    ordu is ceca language, not a foreign language for ceca how stupid. john is a chink word or a singlish word. you as a faggot retarded kafir imbecile liar who's been proven wrong countless times despite taking it up the arse from your priests don't mind blurting out lies after lies. how come...
  17. mudhatter

    OIC asks India to surrender Kashmir to Pakistan

    any proof? dun tell me your saffron terrorist temple prostitutes a.k.a devadasi and brahminists are the source.
  18. mudhatter

    Angmoh the best again and again. Good things all come from Angmoh indeed

    i suspect that slanty kafir burmese impostor chink @Leongsam has been replaced by yankee bot. and you threadstarter is also a bot can you respond here? https://www.sammyboy.com/threads/slanty-vs-slanty-which-actor-was-the-better-martial-artist.332165/