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  1. K

    got serious questions for thailand sexperts here. pls enlighten me. thankyou.

    Wow. Bro, u got glut Most are Photoshop De... Except 4th Pic
  2. K

    breaking: dhoby ghaut mrt suicide attempt

    Bro StickyBall, are u the camera man?
  3. K

    The insidious way the PAP perpetrates it's power, using our taxpayer money

    Why so outdated? There are many many millions more engineers from Overseas, with speciality that are not available in SG. We are so smart that we just open our dopr big big so that the best ones will flood in
  4. K

    SIC what music are u listening to rite now?

    Cik Syed, this song got malay version?
  5. K

    SIC what music are u listening to rite now?

    Dedicated to the people born in 1960-70s
  6. K

    gen z lack basic skills

    Boss, please remember... "青春"就是本钱, U KNOW??
  7. K

    Serious Evergrande CEO got Private Dance Troup!

    Our Capitalmall must start this new club as well