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    Serious Evergrande CEO got Private Dance Troup!

    Capitaland Dance Troup with tanned SPGs? Or just mass import Tiong or Viet FTs?
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    Serious Evergrande CEO got Private Dance Troup!

    Apparently, his secret weapon used to secure land deals with the provincial government and procure secrets from business rivals! 许家印被抓,其苦心经营的歌舞团个个貌美如花,更多细节被曝光 https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1e84y1U7Ys/?share_source=copy_web
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    Chitchat Rape Scenes

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    Serious Hongkie Stephen Chow Promoted To Cardinal!

    Got rape any young boys?
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    The mighty US of A

    That’s what happen when PAP is not in charged!
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    Serious Sinkie Police Arrest Another Tiong Fraudster Attempting to Escape at Changi Airport!

    founder of crypto hedge fund that lost $10 billion arrested in Singapore while attempting to flee PUBLISHED FRI, SEP 29 202312:36 PM EDTUPDATED FRI, SEP 29 2023AT 2:22 EDT MacKenzie Sigalos@KENZIESIGALOS SHAREShare Article via FacebookShare Article via TwitterShare Article via LinkedInShare...
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    Serious AMDKs Bankrupt! US Govt to shutdown soon!

    This is what you get without PAP in charged!
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    [Sg video] - Japanese expat finds Singapore too expensive has to skip lunch every day

    Skipping a meal is good for health. This Japanese expat is in good hands.
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    pamela anderson ages like milk

    Expected from AMDLs. Their best years are 14-25 then gone case by 30.
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    Singapore ranks 35th in promiscuity

    Most Sinkie males are flaccids, affairs?
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    [Sg video] - Chan Chun Sing assumed the 30+ years old interviewer was 50+ years old because he looked fucking old

    CCS is right. Sinkies have low ses genes look like fucks.
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    Macron changes his Mind, Pledges to reduce Immigration after Claiming last Year that migration is 'a part of France's DNA'

    Jialat! The horny AMDLs will not get their fill of Arabs and Blackie large cocks!
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    [Sg] - 8 years' jail, 6 strokes for drug abuser who stepped on wife's back till her 'bones cracked'

    No need Guess! Already named by the racist media! 8 years' jail, 6 strokes for drug abuser who stepped on wife's back till her 'bones cracked' SINGAPORE — Believing that his wife had taken money from his bank account without his knowledge, an enraged Muhammad Zaki Yaris Ali got into an...
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    Chitchat Case Gets Complaints of Sudden Closure of Pure Gym Suntec City Branch

    Case gets 2 complaints about sudden closure of Pure Yoga’s Suntec City branch, some users bemoan membership’s ‘diminished value’ Nikki Yeo/TODAY A view of the entrance to Pure Yoga at Suntec City mall. Follow us on Instagram and Tiktok, and join our Telegram channel for the latest updates. Two...
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    Burma Junta dua kee liao

    These are same faked Angmo news that claims Ukraine is winning and USA has conquered Taliban