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  1. borom

    Serious SPG Chiobu Celeste Chong Back to SG Soon! AMDK Hubby Dumped her for Spicy SYT Black Latina!

    If you still have not noticed, local chinese women first choice is ang moh/Caucasian, if not Eurasian, than CECA and lastly chinese. Even if they marry chinese, they will try to bully them as though being forced to scrap the bottom of the barrel.
  2. borom

    Serious Ungrateful Old Fart Hwee Ming Upset That SimplyGo EZ-Link Card Doesn't Display The Fare When He Taps In! Kow Pei Kow Bu On Straits Times!

    Remind me of banks spearheaded by DBS and MAS literrally forcing customers to use mobile and internet banking despite the security risk . The banks get to earn more and cut cost by reducing staffing and physical branch network as customers end up doing all the banking transactions themselves...
  3. borom

    Serious Singapore's Population Only 5.9 Million! Where Got 6.9 Million???

    We will never know until a non PAP govt is elected how many male citizens have served NS and how many are born here. 70% have voted to surrender their freedom and be subjugated to an oppresive and suppresive regime whre ministers get to stay in palatial bungalows while earning the highest...
  4. borom

    S$110,960 durian tour to malaysia....

    Most of the scammed victims are DBS account holders. Is it a coincidence or because of the weak security features of the the bank's operational and computer systems ? Anyway 70% voted for this as DBS is govt owned bank and Tharman was immediate past chair of MAS
  5. borom

    Chitchat Sinkie Banker Steals S$1.4MIL from MayBank!

    Where can I find a fiancee who can give me $400,000 ? I did not know such a person still exist
  6. borom

    Serious SPGs footballers Kenna 0-7 by North Korean Chiobus

    Such a disgrace and waste of public funds. The female soccer team was knocked out in the group stage in the SEA Games in Camboda after losing to the host 1-0 and Thailand 4-0. If you cannot even play well at SEA Games level, why waste money and send them to the Asian Games?
  7. borom

    ceca DBS bank paynow kaput again

    In March 2023 it was announced that DBS CEO's annual earnings climbed 13.2 per cent to $15.4 million in 2022 and nothing was changed until now despite all these failures. Where is the accountability esp for the large scale scams that many internet banking customers suffered, Tharman was MAS...
  8. borom

    ISD Chua Mui Hoong enjoying life in Perth with angmo partner while getting paid by SPH

    If even their most rabid supporters are migrating, what does that tell you about the 70%
  9. borom

    [Matland] - 3 S’porean men helplessly beaten up with chairs by muggers in front of JB hotel

    Foreign talents who not only come to red dot to steal your lunch but also beat you up when you visit their country. I have been threathened so many times in JB that I have not been there for at least 2 decades. Malaysians have the most priviledges amongst all foreigners here until the signing of...
  10. borom

    Serious Sinkie Royal Navy Sailor Jailed For Always Asking Nurses To Apply Cream On His Cock! Insult Nurse By Saying She's Flat Like Airport! Guess Race!

    How does such a possibly mentally unsound person be drafted to serve NS is very surprising He should be discharged as PES F long ago and sent to IMH instead of the navy
  11. borom

    Serious Bull Market For COEs Continue!! $141k For Big Car, $105k For Small Car! Majulah PAP!

    When the nationality or place of birth of those car owners who bid for COE can be revelaed, than you will see the truth
  12. borom

    Serious Chief Justice Menon Fucks Lower Tier Judge Soh For Unsatisfactory Judgement Against Good Whiteman! Anyhow Jail Him For 16 Weeks Instead Of 12 Weeks!

    I am not a lawyer so I cannot understand what's wrong with the learned judge reproducing large chunks of the prosecution’s submissions in his written grounds of decision. Isnt this the same as stare decisis or use of precedents in court decision for deciding subsequent cases involving similar...
  13. borom

    miss universe singapore priyanka annuncia wants to kaypoh in thai domestic affairs

    Had the reverse happen and a Thai criticsed red dot for money laundering , she would be subject to FICA , sued till pants drop and declared persona non grata . I hope the Thai government put a warrant of arrest on her and ban her from visiting Thailand.
  14. borom

    [Sg] - 62-year-old Manager of PA residents’ network tricked an intellectually disabled girl Sec 3 girl into having sex 3 times

    The first thing that a new non PAP government should do is to disband the PA and merge it with the Ministry for Social and Family Development which should also be merged with the Ministry for Culture, Community and Youth, thereby saving millions in taxpayers monies.
  15. borom

    [Sg] - Jap bu tourist dulan and made police report after kena charged $938 for 1 chili crab by Seafood Paradise in Sg

    How else can one of the smallest country pay its ministers the highest salaries in the world . Ask the japs how big is japan compared to singapore and how much is Fumio Kishida's salary compared to LHL and they will understand .
  16. borom

    he eat too.full.nothing to do ah? come.back to singapore to surrender to go.jail?

    Should have remained in his birthplace Malaysia and need not go to prison. One of those who cannot survive in malaysia but did not realise Singapore will be worse esp as he now has a criminal record, CECA will never have such problems, come here get red carpet treatment, good jobs and no need to...
  17. borom

    Singaporeans are stupid to spend millions on mooncake without realising that these mooncakes are manufactured in China

    One simple mooncake can easily cost $20 , so I refused to buy them, as can easily have a meal for 4 persons (until recently). The mooncake festival has no relevance to Singapore as there is no Autumn here and we are not an agricultural society
  18. borom

    Massive surge in local postage: 31cents increased to 51cents

    When you have an x scholar/military person in charge , you can guess the outcome, Need umbrage ng to come and take charge ?
  19. borom

    [Sg] - ATB complains coming to Sg is a waste of her time & money because Sg is flooded with China brands for everything

    The problem is most of these ATB working here in massage, Karaoke, hairdressing and other industries usually only want to eat their own food, so these Tiong companies can easily find their own niche market. Try bringing an ATB to a non China eatery and she will be complaning non stop