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  1. borom

    TCJ jin cute and funny

    Did he mention the topic he is famous for -how elderly locals ( NOT foreigners) who are old carry cardboards for exercise. ? Actually I'm waiting for someone to say our elderly also clear tables/wash dishes and sweep floors in hawker centres and food courts for exercise .
  2. borom

    Too Old To Be Taxi Drivers but Too Young To Withdraw CPF Money

    A very sad and tragic incident indeed esp 72 year old still need to work to make a living . PAP keep on saying we are first world ect2 but life here is basically suffering and stress except for the unaccountable elite. How 70% can actually vote for a govt that causes so much suffering is...
  3. borom

    Hwa Chong 100th Anniversary tonight

    Agree 101%- no difference from your class, year, faculty, university alumni gathering,for the "successful " (means rich in red dot) to show off and the institution to raise funds. The "poor" will not want to be contacted and after a while disappear from the mailing list. Actually the poor...
  4. borom

    Gal: UOL in UK and UOL-SIM are completely different!!!!!!

    "Unemployed for seven months after graduating from ..(SIM GE) in 2015, Francis ....found himself grappling with the fear that he had “chosen the wrong degree”. The business and management student, who earned a lower second-class honours degree from SIM GE’s University of London (UOL) programme...
  5. borom

    Serious Good grades not enough to get a PMET job in Singapore hor!

    Master's degree from Southern Pacific University can consider as good academic qualifications ?
  6. borom

    Chitchat Pinoy Trump To Suck Singapore's Dick Over Water Crisis In Manila!! Manila Long Time Never Get Hit By Typhoon Already! Dams Dried Up!

    Can someone from the 70% please explain to my ignorant self-how these Pinoys who are welcomed here as foreign talents by the PAP govt with open arms cannot solve their own water problems.? Do they just sit back in their aircond condos and ignore the problems in their homeland -why not contribute...
  7. borom

    71-year-old jobless Hokkein Pappie voter left homeless even though he has $67,000 in his CPF!

    "As Singapore progresses, it needs to also ensure the country's poor are not disadvantaged or left behind, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said at a recent dialogue with Singaporeans " Published Straits Times Oct 23, 2018, 5:00 am SGT...
  8. borom

    Serious Ho Ching says Boeing aircraft company has no balls. No balls lose lives, have balls lose money.

    That's the difference between managing with other people's monies or your own
  9. borom

    dunno which kum gong wanna buy over Kok Kee 1 ton mee for $2 millions sia

    Have to sell 500,000 bowls at $4 just to make sales of $2million. Assuming gross profit $2 per bowl (just wild guess) , have to sell 1 million bowls to break even for raw materials. Assuming $1 net profit per bowl, have to sell 2 million bowls to break even -how long will that take ? Assuming...
  10. borom

    this Brad Bowyer should be our Sg President, realLee

    I disagree-if you have not served NS, you should not hold any public office in Singapore. The Singapore Armed Forces Volunteer Corps is NOT NS in case Janil Puthucheary is not aware
  11. borom

    Singapura what hub again?

    I hope the AG chambers will issue a summon to arrest this Maithripala Sirisena for accusing Singapore of sheltering a crook. Time to sue him till pants drop for defaming Singapore's reputation -anybody hear this? Lee Hsien Loong , Kasiviswanathan Shanmugam, Vivian Balakrishnan, Chan Chung Sing...
  12. borom

    Serious YuuZoo Uplorry!! Sinkie CEO And All Sinkie Staff Not Paid!! SGX And CAD Still Can't Find Out What's Wrong!!

    Listed only in Sept 2014 and within 3.5 years already in trouble with regulators/auditors/authorities. Does not sound like a great record for a self proclaimed 1st world financial centre with so many such cases going on. Such things do not happen overnight and makes one wonder whether if it...
  13. borom

    Merdeka Generation Package is to make them pay more; not less

    Shield is for the PAP-shielding them from having to pay for welfare to locals so they can reap million dollar salaries and give generous scholarships to foreigners
  14. borom

    [Video] - Female medical doctor cycling on Singapore road run down by taxi, critically injured

    As medical doctors, you thought they would have known better. There are so many other safe form of exercise or travelling/commuting
  15. borom

    Chinese High School Chairman Robson Lee Loves Pretty Young Girls, Hides Behind Lawyers Once Sexposed

    There is no denial from Robson Lee Teck Leng that he is not the said Robson Lee in FB quoted by ASS ? Interesting as that should be the first order of defence by the partner of many law firms
  16. borom

    Serious Don't anyhow suka suka find TCM !

    $5k fine is not going to deter anybody-and the price of a leg only so much?
  17. borom

    final result : Traffic Cones 1 - Cyclist 0

    I have nothing against cyclist who cycle on the main road-its the ones who cycle on pedestrian walkways that are a threat to our safety and yet the PAP allows them to do it. What kind of govt allows a small minority (cyclist) to threaten the safety of the majority (pedestrians) -is it because...
  18. borom

    NZ Shooting : Aussie Senator, his message, the boy and his egg

    Trumpism, Brexit, Australian Liberty Alliance ect2 and the various inter racial violence has always been about immigrants or rather immigrants that threaten the racial mix and esp the economic well being of the main racial group. By denying the anti immigrant sentiment or by being politically...
  19. borom

    Will Pasir Gudang Pollution Spread to Punggol?

    Punggol is supposed to be the biggest HDB estate and ironically the first Eco-Town to enhance the living environment! The best part is that in Jan this year , 1,604 sq ft five-room, loft unit in Punggol Sapphire was sold for $910,888-a record high for Punggol!. With the 70% , I 'm not...
  20. borom

    Personal data of 808,000 blood donors compromised for nine weeks

    Outsource to Pinoys or Indian nationals? Anyway PAP will get 80% votes-the more they cock up , the more votes they get and the higher their salaries-uniquely PAP's no blame culture, only take credit.