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  1. Froggy

    Singapore took delivery of China’s tunnel boring machine

    China da BEST!
  2. Froggy

    General Travel in Taiwan

    Breakfast was not bad, had chunky red snapper porridge for main course but started with some fruits and a fritter So my trip will be starting from the south of Taiwan in the city of Kaohsiung then will move to Taipei Friday evening. So, when I arrive at Taoyuan Airport (near to Taipei) I...
  3. Froggy

    Serious Singapore is Fucked Once Again by PRC, Get Ready to Pack Up

    https://asia.nikkei.com/Economy/China-s-Greater-Bay-threatens-Singapore-s-finance-and-tech-status China's 'Greater Bay' threatens Singapore's finance and tech status Analysts see huge Hong Kong-Macao project siphoning business away from city-state JUSTINA LEE, Nikkei staff writer March 04, 2019...
  4. Froggy

    THai Airways Cancels all Flights to Europe.

    Was informed by my agent Thai Airways cancelled all flights to Europe because of shitskins throwing shit at each other. https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/indian-air-force-iaf-balakot-strike-updates-border-tension-day-after-iaf-strike-at-balakot-pakistan-1999849 Government Acknowledges Indian Air...
  5. Froggy

    Today I am damn free . . . . . shiok

    Yes today don't know why I no work everybody left home just me alone. Damn free can cook curry and eat roti prata. I should be in the forum most of the time today keeping an eye while eating my chicken curry
  6. Froggy

    India - Why does a country with so much research talent produce little homegrown innovation?

    https://asia.nikkei.com/Opinion/Indian-R-D-time-to-solve-the-puzzle?utm_campaign=RN%20Subscriber%20newsletter&utm_medium=one%20time%20newsletter&utm_source=NAR%20Newsletter&utm_content=article%20link Indian R&D -- time to solve the puzzle Why does a country with so much research talent produce...
  7. Froggy

    J.D. Powers 2019 Ranking - Lexus Ranks Highest among Luxury Brands

    https://www.jdpower.com/business/press-releases/2019-us-vehicle-dependability-studyvds Press Releases Most Owners Still in Love with Their Three-Year-Old Vehicles, J.D. Power Finds Lexus Ranks Highest among Luxury Brands; Toyota Ranks Highest among Mass Market Brands COSTA MESA, Calif: 13...
  8. Froggy

    Businesses in Singapore may face higher costs

    https://asia.nikkei.com/Economy/Companies-face-higher-costs-as-Singapore-cuts-foreign-workers?utm_campaign=RN%20Subscriber%20newsletter&utm_medium=daily%20newsletter&utm_source=NAR%20Newsletter&utm_content=article%20link Companies face higher costs as Singapore cuts foreign workers State...
  9. Froggy

    Microsoft Surface Pro - please share comment

    Recently saw someone using the Microsoft Surface Pro was quite impressed with the ease of use and versatility Anyone here using it? Please comment how you feel, what you like and dislike. Any advise for first time user.
  10. Froggy

    $300 PAP da Best

  11. Froggy

    The CCB Thread

  12. Froggy

    Will China let Belt and Road die quietly?

    Found this interesting opinion in Nikkei Asian Review - https://asia.nikkei.com/Opinion/Will-China-let-Belt-and-Road-die-quietly?utm_campaign=RN%20Subscriber%20newsletter&utm_medium=one%20time%20newsletter&utm_source=NAR%20Newsletter&utm_content=article%20link Will China let Belt and Road die...
  13. Froggy

    Apple Sales in China Dive nearly 20%

    Apple iPhone Shipments Dive in China as Huawei Tightens Grip Bloomberg News 11, 2019, 12:34 PM Apple Inc.’s Chinese smartphone shipments plummeted an estimated 20 percent in 2018’s final quarter, underscoring the scale of the iPhone maker’s retreat in the world’s largest mobile device arena...
  14. Froggy

    Lee Hsien Loong a coward, no?

    Singapore is facing a very serious crisis that involved our territorial being overtaken by the Malaysia government (not civilians) at Tuas. We are facing an invasion, territorial grab, aggressions and yet he has no courage to face this crisis head on. Instead supporting our boys on the battle...
  15. Froggy

    Good Reading - Mahathir still living in the shadow of Lee Kuan Yew

    https://asia.nikkei.com/Spotlight/Comment/Mahathir-still-living-in-the-shadow-of-Lee-Kuan-Yew?utm_campaign=RN%20Subscriber%20newsletter&utm_medium=one%20time%20newsletter&utm_source=NAR%20Newsletter&utm_content=article%20link Mahathir still living in the shadow of Lee Kuan Yew Recent tough...
  16. Froggy

    Huawei P30 & P30 Pro (launching end-March)

    This is how it may look like. Huawei P30 Huawei P30 Pro
  17. Froggy

    Caption this CNY Photo

  18. Froggy

    Amazed by what Social Credit can do

    This is evil and scary, Social Credit is basically imprisonment of the entire nation. What happened if all governments start to do this?
  19. Froggy

    True Leader Takes Responsibility - how about PAP leaders?

    Does any of our officials in Singapore have the balls to say this and do the same? I respect this Mayor. 'Go and destroy the building now': Under-fire Japan mayor resigns after ordering arson TOKYO (AFP) - A Japanese mayor who came under fire after telling his subordinate to burn down a...
  20. Froggy

    Sammyboy CNY Reunion Dinner?

    So many long lost members suddenly come back You know who you are and I wish all of you Kong Hee Fatt Choy.