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    Fandi Ahmand sons are useless

    May be bodoh Fandi Ahmad are so useless. May be they can continue to work in S league. This guy, without any background is definitely 100 times better than Fandi Ahmad useless sons. SINGAPORE - Singaporean teenager Ben Davis has signed a professional contract with English Premier League side...
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    Stupid Comment by Khaw Boon Wan on SMRT Collision

    ”We must recognize that SMRT has improved. In the previous train collision in 1993, 156 people were injured. In today's collision, only 25 people were injured. Also, the previous collision took 6 years from the time the MRT started service whereas today's collision took place 24 years after the...
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    Chitchat Vice Principal Molested Teen Age Boys

    Primary school vice-principal accused of committing sexual acts on underage boy A man who was the vice-principal of a primary school in the north-eastern part of Singapore has been hauled to court for allegedly committing an indecent act on an underage boy at the school in 2003. The man, who...
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    Chitchat Kishore Mahbubani Is Very Quiet Recently

    Dear brothers and sisters, Kishore Mahbunani is vert quiet recently and he did not update his blog for many days. any reason? is he ok? facing any marriage and health problem? http://mahbubani.net/
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    Chitchat Roberta Associate Partner Publicly Shaming Singapore SMRT

    https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=340834816360246&id=100013011902253 In my 17 years on HK, I've NEVER been stuck on their mtr. Let alone 2 days in a row like on our MRT!!
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    Chitchat Fandi Ahmad Sons Bring Shame to Singapore Football

    Look at Fandi Ahmad, talked so loud about his sons success. what happen to Singapore football team in SEA games? hahahaha Talk about Medal in SEA games? hahaha singapore is out in the group math. bodoh...
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    Chitchat Pinoys Prostituted Themselves at Sabah Long House Fucked by Malaysia Aboriginals

    If you think Pinoys are cheap and fucked by Bangla and India hardcore workers, you are wrong.! Pinoys prostitute themselves at Sabah long house and fucked by Malaysia Jakun, Iban, Kadazan, Dusun etc... Why pinoys become so cheap...
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    Chitchat Myanmar and Pinoy Children who hold Singapore Pink IC

    In race options in Singapore IC, we have to fill in either Malay, Indian and Chinese and others. I wonder how Mynamar and Pinoy race in Singapore IC? why they choose Others? or will they anyhow pick and choose Malay and Indian? Any officers in Singapore Immigration and Registration to check...
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    Chitchat ComfortDelgro Betrays Its Own Taxi Drivers by Signing New Partnership with Uber

    ComfortDelGro, Uber in talks for potential tie-up SINGAPORE — ComfortDelGro, Singapore’s largest taxi operator, is in talks with ride-hailing giant Uber for a potential strategic alliance that could include teaming up on fleet management and booking software solutions. In an announcement...
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    Chitchat Singapore Football Team Showed Its World Class Skills by Beating Laos 2-0

    SEA Games football: Singapore break two-game losing run with 2-0 win over Laos Strikers Taufik Suparno, making his first start in the competition, and Ikhsan Fandi scored in the 2-0 victory at the Selayang Stadium on Friday (Aug 18). The Young Lions had lost their first two games to Myanmar...
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    Chitchat Muis Said It is Ok for Muslim Babies to Drink Pork Lover Chinese Mums' Milk

    Chinese women love to drink herbal wine and pork trotters because they believe that these food are nutritious. Muslim babies are allowed to drink their milk even though we know that these mums eat a lot of pork and wine and non halal food that is against muslim teaching. Okay for premature...
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    Chitchat PAP Lost Control On Many Frontiers

    Dear brothers and sisters, One by One, PAP has lost control on many frontiers. Retail: NTUC has lost market shares to Amazon, Redmart, and online shopping. Cable TV: Starhub and Singtel lost market shares to Netflix and Amazon. Taxi: Comfor Delgro and City Cab lost market shares...
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    Chitchat Ho Ching Hired a Pig and Fat Mamasan Named Wu Choy Peng

    wow, look at this fat ass mamasan, she is a CIO of GIC. http://www.straitstimes.com/business/companies-markets/gic-names-wu-choy-peng-to-newly-created-post-of-chief-technology-officer she is so fat that her face cannot even fit into the photo frame. I wonder how she pass the health...
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    Chitchat Potential Malay President Never Visit Johor Sultan During Hari Raya

    Our potential Malay President never visit Johore Sultan. Singapore ministers visit Sultan of Johor http://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/singapore-ministers-visit-sultan-of-johor Chan Chun Sing and Tan Chuan Jin visited Johore Palace. Desmond Lee, Gan Kim Yong visited Johore Palace...
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    Serious LTA allowed 1000 Defective Honda Vessel Imported into Singapore

    LTA quietly allowed 1000 Honda Vessel imported into Singapore. These cars are dangerous and do not meet vehicle safety regulation. LTA also did not rectify the situation and now it is reported by Wall Street Journal. Surely Uber imported these dangerous cars with permission from LTA...
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    Chitchat Not Sure if Kong Hee is entitled to wear under wear today at court

    dear brothers and sisters under prison rules and regulations, prisoners are not allowed to wear underwear. I am not sure if Pastor Kong Hee is entitled to wear under wear at court room today? please let us know.
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    Chitchat Magnus Bocker and Lai Kew Chai

    Both men earned huge money by working for PAP as sweepers to get rid of PAP rubbishes. Both men died of cancer at young age. Have money but no time to enjoy their lives. That is the consequence for working for PAP. Lai Kew Chai will be remembered for ever as the judge who ordered JBJ to...
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    Chitchat Lee Hsien Loong is Weak and Khaw Boon Wan Barks at Straits Times

    Khaw Boon Wan does not respect his boss Lee Hsien Loong and now he barks at PAP propaganda machine Straits Times. Well Done Khaw Boon Wan. You are very fierce and you even barks at your boss Propaganda Machine. Khaw Boon Wan takes issue with press coverage of MRT resignalling project He...
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    Chitchat Hoon Thing Leong The Bastard is National Day Award Recipient

    Hoon Thing Leong the bastard received Public Service Medal in 1999. He is also part of Bishan East CCC. http://www.pmo.gov.sg/national-day-awards/recipients?keywords=&page=305&f[0]=field_award%3A151 This bastard also runs Kim San Leng Food Centers which are infected with cockroaches...
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    Chitchat Khaw Boon Wan Is Extremely Proud of Singapore World Class MRT Transportation

    Khaw Boon Wan sets new rail network reliability target as MRT becomes three times as dependable as in 2015. Speaking at the fourth joint forum on infrastructure maintenance organised by SMRT on Thursday (July 26), the Coordinating Minister for Infrastructure and Minister for Transport said...