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  1. Chit Chat Re: Careless Cop Blows His Own Cover Against Amateur And Ends Up Getting Slashed!

    Indeed Singaporeans commit more crimes.
  2. Serious Re: Close Ally Canada CANCELLED F-35 Order because delivery delayed and price up too

    Canada going broke! Next to be cut, public healthcare benefits and staff. Will dr nay return and praise the PAP? :confused
  3. Serious Re: Penang Has Fallen! Oppies Still Want To Earn Sing Dollars And Retire In Jiuhu?

    See? This is what you get for voting in more opposition.
  4. Serious Re: Lim Siong Guan : Lessons for Singapore on the rise and fall of empires

    You all missed the point. What he is trying to say is that the Empire of Lee will rise and rise, because if it falls, so will your hdb flat prices.
  5. Chit Chat Re: Chinkland Shipping Cos Abandon Mudland Ports In Drove For Singapore! Majulah PAP!

    With the PAP in charge, there is nothing for you to worry about! :)
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    Chit Chat Re: Higher Parking Charges in WP Areas?

    Are you grassroots? If not, no such thing as free parkings.
  7. Serious Re: Why the 2 rejected candidates applied for election when they are not qualified?

    I'm glad the elections are over before it started. Surely a landslide victory for Madam President!
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    Chit Chat Re: Something happened 10 years ago which ..

    You finally decide to move out of sg for good?
  9. Serious Re: Police stormed fat fuck Kirsten han! Marxist Teo Soh lung counter attacked!

    Is that an image for ants?? :confused:
  10. Chit Chat Re: Fortunate Sinkies To Have Keling Kia For Prez For One Month Until Mdm Prez Takes

    Indians make better presidents, especially acting the part. I'm glad the pap has learnt their lesson.
  11. Serious Re: Why do Singaporeans have to put up with this shit?

    Nathan was a two term Elected President without ever receiving a vote so why do you think your vote counts? :confused:
  12. Chit Chat Re: CPF Got Lots of Money! GPGT! Stop Spreading Rumours That CPF Is Broke!

    Yes CPF got lots of money. PRs and new citizens don't worry, you will get yours back before our pioneers. Teehee!
  13. Serious Re: Wow! WAF? Macau Meteorological Director Resigned over Typhoon Hato, & Cow?

    Different. This is once in 50 years.
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    Chit Chat Re: Passion Made Possible

    Passion made possible. The Philippines.
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    Chit Chat Re: PM Lee tries something new (Guess what?)

    PM Lee so nice so humber, why his brother sister and even nephew want to bully him? Sir we are always supports you! Majullah PAP!
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    Chit Chat Re: Why not murder or even manslaughter?

    This must surely be pardon coming from madam president.
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    Chit Chat Re: PMO on Li ShengWu

    Too much shit gets stuck there and you get appendicitis.
  18. Serious Re: Lim Tean's great analysis on Gay Loong's on NDR speech

    What about the iron deficiency? This is not a game of cards, this is your life and mine!
  19. Serious Re: Lim Tean's great analysis on Gay Loong's on NDR speech

    Capax Imperii, Nisi Imperasset.
  20. Chit Chat Re: Not Fake News! Wanbao says ShengWu is eldest son of Loong.

    "He is not my son"
  21. Chit Chat Re: Steve Bannon exits as Trump's White House senior strategist

    Thank you Bannon for standing up against lies and fabrications made up by the mainstream media. You presence will be sorely missed.
  22. Chit Chat Re: Muis Said It is Ok for Muslim Babies to Drink Pork Lover Chinese Mums' Milk

    Easy going you say suka suka. Strict you say uptight and dangerous fanatics. There is no please some people. :rolleyes:
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    Serious Re: Final result : Doc 0 - SMRT 1

    Kudos to Desmond for his initiative and goodwill. I think another raise is warranted.
  24. Chit Chat Re: Not Fake News! Wanbao says ShengWu is eldest son of Loong.

    All in the familee. No waste!
  25. Serious Re: New Shengwu revelation in exclusive US News Interview

    Bad timing for Yang jr. Now all eyes on the fat man with bad haircut and Trump. No time to gloat at pinky.
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