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  1. Serious Re: 1B1R China: Loong just woke up to reality and began to Kiss My Ass!

    next month, he will go lick the same of Trump. Very busy man.
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    Chit Chat Re: Grab drivers lobang

    Uber share in the market like not high ? Only Ang moh go for uber.
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    Serious Re: Singapore Super Fake News Collection

    We believe LHL did not slap dhana
  4. Chit Chat Re: Easy For Sinkie Kids To Buy Lethal Knives To Impress Gf! Pussy Parent Upset!

    I can kill someone with a pencil. So how ? Ban pencils ?
  5. Chit Chat Re: Excellent TOC article - Why Halimah should move

    I am looking to buy a unit at Yishun. It will be the safest place in Singapore. There will be no loanshark and graffiti. No drunkards who pee everywhere. No Mats to play guitar, smoke or play stupid...
  6. Serious Re: Papsmearer Caught Lying! "Open Letter" To Madam President Full Of Lies!

    So like that - cannot have wedding and funeral wake at void deck anymore ? Or Malay wedding can invite her as VIP or not ?
  7. Serious Re: Wong Fei-Hung Officially Endorses Madam President! Pigtail Samster Bang Balls!

    I thought jet Li is on wheelchair - he wants to be another Roosevelt ?
  8. Serious Re: Taipei Mayor: Taiwan too weak to Kuai Lan with 1B1R PRC, stop trying pse!

    What he said make sense but unfortunately not what some party elders want to hear.

    Pity he won't be able to make any changes any time soon.
  9. Chit Chat Re: S'pore helping the Rohingya after screwing our very own Malays

    Vb should prove his great statesmanship by getting fatty Kim to start negotiation w Trump.
  10. Re: We should not let unhappiness weigh down Halimah's duties: ESM Goh

    For whatever reasons GCT now the king maker ? He admitted that Halimah is arrowed to come out to run as president ? Like that might as well give us a list of upcoming prez and do away with the wayang...
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    Chit Chat Re: Love but not for sex

    Sexual desires mismatched ? More like dimensions mismatched. At 37 a woman is having raging male hormones and will have desire. One needs to unlock it.
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    Serious Re: NUH power outage - Old Man Very Angry liao

    So did anyone died because of this ? If not there is nothing to see. Move on.
  13. Chit Chat Re: Gangters Fight In Class While Mangina Teacher Cowers By The Door! Guess The Schoo

    These punks pubic hair also haven't grow want to fight act macho. Shld bring them to back alley n face real gangsters. Then they will pee in their diapers.
  14. Chit Chat Re: How is faggot pinky going to out do Najib with Trump? Any idea?

    Announce we will buy 10 F35s ?
  15. Chit Chat Re: Guess Who Is Trump's Favourite PM? It's Not Faggot Trudeau or Old Hag Theresa!

    So Najib set the bar for Loong Loong to meet when he goes to see trump next month.
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    Re: Red Devils 2017-2018

    It will be interesting to see how Man U cope without Pogba. And to see if he is really that a vital cog.

    Herrra could fit in that slot and have his five minutes of fame.
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    Re: Red Devils 2017-2018

    finally CL action and a 2-0 win would represent a good start to kick things off.
    Lindelof should prove he is good enough to condemn clumsy Jones to the bench henceforth.

    Expect Mourniho to be...
  18. Chit Chat Re: Does Halimah have Veto Powers to appoint a Malay Chief of the Armed Forces?

    Malay as Chief Justice. LHL decides to have a Malay puppet.

    All the things to block TCB
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    Chit Chat Re: Help me on Facebook

    you should create an account using a totally new email address.
    never use this email address anymore.
  20. Serious Re: Kudos to outgoing PSA Chief Tan Chong Meng!

    Did PSA reveal how many singaporean uncles did they cut ? And how much each dock hand is being paid ?

    The gigantic cranes you see comes w a price. And if I am not wrong many of them are standing...
  21. Thread: Duck lovers

    by red amoeba

    Chit Chat Re: Duck lovers

    Last time got Johnson duck at 13 each. Whatever become of it.
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    Re: Red Devils 2017-2018

    Maybe Mourinho is right, the international break really takes a toil in the players. darmian was too slow for the first goal although he atoned by winning the ball en route to the second goal.
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    Serious Re: Sponsored weddings are on the rise

    Can I request for sponsored funeral next time I go ? Like that no need to give pek gim.
  24. Chit Chat Re: Good Minister Masagos: To Be Mud Is To Be Muslim! Make Mud Language Great Again!

    Honestly go learn bahasa if you already know Chinese. In this region, Bahasa will have greater potential from establishing ties with cronies to wooing your Indon maid
  25. Chit Chat Re: Suspected drowning incident reported at Sentosa

    Is that one of the banglas going there hoping to catch some skinny dipping ?
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