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  1. Chit Chat Re: How Many Of Our Migrant Workers Have Been Radicalised

    Lkie asking how many Chinese are opium smokers during British Empire period in Singapore.
  2. Serious Re: "Shitskins" & "Chinks" - The Loving Glue That Binds Them as One

    No angmoh and Chinese allowed to mixed.

    Opium Drug tracffickers hv to stay away from opium addicts in Singapore.

    This was one of the 10 commandments British Empire set for their men when in...
  3. Serious Re: 'GOOD' Muslim leader calls for Sharia, says opponents of Islamic law are bigots

    When angmoh British Empire resides in yr country thy did exert christianity laws to deal with their own white skins.

    Christianty law overide muslim law in malaysia when angmoh landed in Singapore....
  4. Chit Chat Re: Ownself sue ownself. AHTC sues WP! Is WP finished?

    Shameless pap w no leadership fighting like siblings 38OR case.
  5. Serious Re: USA = Bankrupt Beggar, so IMF HQ moving from Washington DC to Beijing where $$$ i

    Imf is angnoh toy china will squash it to extinct. No need horders in china.

  6. Serious Re: PLA new advanced warship passing NATO water with superority & advantages

    Beggar USA already given up leading role to China. But china wants their blood in their hand first revenge US angmoh of the past humilating opium wars with China.
  7. Serious Re: Ah Tiongs go for HIGH TECH MOVIE 4K-3D @ SCS Island! Where to buy tickets?

    我是中国人 ......
  8. Serious Re: PLA 90th Anniversary Exhibition flaunted new DF-31AG ICBM model, larger and stron

    我是中国人。 中国万岁。
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    Chit Chat Re: Pinoy are relly stupid arse....

    Look at the video again see that even the President noticed that stupid pinoy photographer is doing going behind him.

    The President must be thinking Pinoy are really stupid going behind him for...
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    Chit Chat Re: Pinoy are relly stupid arse....

    CaQ tony chat at it again.
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    Serious Re: South Korean Show Guilty of Blasphemy!

    Jesus boats smuggled opium into China in the night. Christians were the first misionary to smuggled opium into China.
  12. Serious Re: Sonny Liew and Schooling Proves Civil Servants Cannot Pick World Top

    U hv lky produced lhl top pm scholar for you. Best of the best in incompetent competition.
  13. Serious Re: PRC got new 80kh/hr Monorail beats SG52 LRT Lao Sai

    Drug trafficker angmoh you love to kiss their arse too?

    Tony chat at it again.
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    Chit Chat Re: Pinoy are relly stupid arse....

    Fucking stupid pinoys.
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    Chit Chat Pinoy are really stupid arse....

    Look at that stupid idiot pinoy take pictures or video from the back of President when he is making speeches.

    And pap getting loads of them to work for leegime in Sinkiland.

    No wonder 38OR has...
  16. Serious Re: Sinkie Keling Minister Tells Keling Kias: CECA Is Wrong Politics And Wrong Econom

    华侨人 can leave Singapore back to China w Chinese Card. Flood sinkie w ah nehs live w muds

    Leave Singapore to Ah Neh and go back 20 years later start Chinese opium trade in Sinkiland.
  17. Serious Re: PRC Z-20 copter, rotor and engine all exceeded USAF Black Hawk Down (UH-60)

  18. Serious Re: Kee Chiu On Trains Keep Breaking down - What Is Ministry of Transport Doing?

    They boughr train from other countries why fix it when u can hire their engineer or buy their engineers over to fix it. E pass solve the problems.
  19. Serious Re: Putin Xijinping jointly taking down USA superpower - Ang Moh fly kite message aga

    The constitution of the Angmoh need opium and Chinese and Russia will merely supply to their needs in 21st century.

    Quote: Chinese qing Palmerston.
  20. Chit Chat Re: Terrorists Win If Sinkies Distrust Muslims Just Because Most Terrorists Are Musli

    Fake news propaganda news.

    911 bombing on US soil was faked by Bush administration to attack 7 ME countries becos Gaddafi wanted to $ bills to backed with gold.
    Dirty Angmoh Rothschild Fed...
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    Chit Chat Re: Father of all your fathers

    He can never be regarded as a great leader but as a bully thug who will meet u at cul de sac with his hatchet WMD whether u like it ir not.
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    Chit Chat Re: The race to be be more Malay

    Why no blood shed to fight pap.

    Useless sinkies.

    我是中国人 。
  23. Serious Re: Kee Chiu On Trains Keep Breaking down - What Is Ministry of Transport Doing?

    You can apply for Chinese card join me say 我是中国人。
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    Chit Chat Re: Peanut Allergy

    So many types of nuts to get why need to supply pee nuts.
  25. Chit Chat Re: US Press Secretary Sean Spicer Resigns! Trump Getting Impeached Soon?

    Ah trump in good shape plenty of nukes to fire iwn staffs but can fires at NK.
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