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    Serious Re: Cancer, getting more common these days...

    I hear many people say your chances of getting cancer is higher is you lead a stressful lifestyle or if you are the sort who harbours a lot of anger and bitterness.

    Oppies stand a much higher...
  2. Serious Zikapore Infrastructure Hasn't Reached Physical Limits Yet! More To Come!

    SINGAPORE- Singapore may look "built-up" but major...
  3. Serious Re: Shit Times say Buildings can withstand strongest earthquake wor, u believe or not

    Our properties, including HDB flats, costs a lot of money to build. I am sure they are amongst the most stable and robust buildings anywhere in the world.
  4. Chit Chat Good Mud Chased From His Rental Flat And Slaughtered On The Streets! Guess Where?

    SINGAPORE - A 35-year-old man was found dead on the pavement near the void deck of...
  5. Chit Chat Re: Breaking! Chinese Indian border fighting begain with STONE AGE Weapons

    Are the nehs taking chink women as comfort women too?
  6. Chit Chat Re: Bipolar Keling Physically Assaults Eurasian MILF Oppie! Guess Who They Are

    Video evidence of bipolar keling assaulting eurasian milf.
  7. Chit Chat Re: Congrats! Sinkieland Betterer than Hong Kong!

    Because angmo dua kee! That's why!
  8. Chit Chat Re: Materialistic gf wants fresh grad nus bf to buy luxury car

    The sinkie saying of 'no money, no honey' is true.

    That loser sinkie either buys his girl a new car or he will find himself jacking off more often instead of getting laid.
  9. Chit Chat Drunk Sinkie Killed By Two Trains Who Ran Over Him Cutting His Nut Sac Wide Open!

    SINGAPORE: A 43-year-old man who was found dead at Fajar LRT station in March had been drunk when he fell onto the tracks, a coroner’s inquiry heard on Wednesday (Aug 16).

    When he fell at 12.42am,...
  10. Chit Chat Re: Congrats! Sinkieland Betterer than Hong Kong!

    Why would any self-respecting mainstream reporter want to attend the press conference of some unknown guy who has never won an election?

    GMS can make his own press statement by live-streaming to...
  11. Chit Chat Re: Little Guy Kicks The Crap Out Of Big Bully! Is The Big Bully Brain Dead By Now?

    Not a practical martial arts that depend entirely on fighting one opponent who plays fair.

    That big guy got kicked in the head while on the ground. Try to BJJ that.
  12. Chit Chat Good White Man Gets Jailed For Disciplining Rude Cabby Before His Russian "Friend"!

    SINGAPORE - A man who punched a taxi driver was jailed for four weeks on Tuesday (Aug 15).

    Swiss national and former commodities trader Yannick Alexandre Varidel, 28, pleaded guilty to causing...
  13. Chit Chat Re: Good News: Cheap Prostitute Foreign Labour Failed to Rescue Sakae Sushi

    Suckit Sushi serves horrible food today. I wouldn't be surprised if Douglas Foo doesn't eat often at his own restaurant. He probably would eat at sushi tei or itacho instead.
  14. Serious TH Dumps Its Snapchat Shares! John Tan And CPF Acct Holders Feeling Richer Already!

    Other prominent Snap...
  15. Chit Chat Russia And Chinkland Best Tanks In The World! NATO And Zikapore No Balls To Compete?
  16. Chit Chat Little Guy Kicks The Crap Out Of Big Bully! Is The Big Bully Brain Dead By Now?

    Who say short people cannot win? I think we just found a hidden kungfu master.
  17. Chit Chat Re: Two Sinkies Stole A Staggering $5.1M ! Go To Jail But Get To Keep The Loot!

    I am just shocked that the law appears to makes little effort in compelling the thieves to make restitution - freezing of accounts, seizure of property and jewellery, investigating the assets owned...
  18. Chit Chat Two Sinkies Stole A Staggering $5.1M ! Go To Jail But Get To Keep The Loot!

    SINGAPORE: Two former employees of the Singapore Statutory Boards...
  19. Serious Re: Sinkie Former Channel 8 Actor Was Executive Director To Top Chink Blockbuster Mov

    I notice that in the local acting scene, actors don't have much future. Mediacorp, and its predecessors prefer to groom and invest in their actresses. It's the reverse compared to film industry...
  20. Serious Sinkie Former Channel 8 Actor Was Executive Director To Top Chink Blockbuster Movie!

    SINGAPORE - Action flick Wolf Warrior II, the all-time...
  21. Serious Re: Foreign Spy In LKY School of Public Policy Nabbed! PR Revoked And Exiled For Life

    That's my role. That Wang Jing can fuck off.,Et+mXQxmf133BJLjSyMaNupE14LLyDQ2rWo3fLSS4+k3yT0CcOGfb6Gf8IFod5N+WaaOen8ziJMaAFgjMT0NlA==.jpg
  22. Chit Chat TIKI Torches Receive Free Endorsement From KKK In Charlottesville USA!

    Tiki Brand, makers of the popular backyard bamboo torches, is distancing itself from the white supremacists who used them during nighttime rallies in Charlottesville, Va., over the weekend.

  23. Chit Chat More Sinkie Businesses Up The Lorry Than Newly Formed! But Din Tai Feng Still Crowded

    I refer to the article “More firms closing amid tough economy”...
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    Chit Chat Re: OMG! Whatever happened to male sinkies?

    It's quite obvious ICA has fucked up and taken in too many female residents. That explains the boom in massage spas and vice activities for the past few years. Surely those massage parlours aren't...
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    Poll: Serious Re: Will Pinky faint again?

    If the good PM is interested, I've some health products he can try. If it works, he can order a batch from me to sell or give to his family and friends. I've a storeroom full of them. About 1/3 of...
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