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  1. Serious Re: LHL says sorry, will face wrath of MPs in pariliament

    I got a feeling pinky enjoy being whipped by jinx.
  2. Serious Re: [ BBC News ] India Girl, 16, Brutally Gang Raped and Thrown from Moving Train

    Fat fuck Kirsten han says no to death penalty

  3. Serious Re: Shitskins Gangraped & Assault Shitskin till Victim died in Mudland.

    Fat fuck Kirsten han wants you to say no to death penalty for all cases because she loves murderers, terrorists, rapists, drug traffickers and anyone who is a fucking scum

  4. Serious Re: Lee Wei Ling & Lee Hsien Yang condemns Lee Hsien Loong

    Crunch time for Fat fuck Kirsten han from SDP as she goes all out to bring down LHL and PAP.
    It's now or never for this fat cheebye.

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    Serious Re: wah PM fb got so many PAUL LAMPARDs

    Paul lampard is common in all culture bec time like this good opportunity to score goals provided you don't score own goal and fuck youself or your master up.
  6. Serious Re: Pathetic Fat Fuck Sinkie Disowned by Mother for having Small Lanjiao

    Now you know why fat fuck Kirsten han prefer Ang moh over sinkies.
    Sinkies Lanjiao so small how to satisfy her big fat cunt?

  7. Serious Re: Lee Wei Ling & Lee Hsien Yang condemns Lee Hsien Loong

    As part of her 30 days of pink campaign for pink dot, Fat fuck Kirsten han is biting hard onto LHL's pink balls and refusing to let go.

  8. Serious Re: Lee Wei Ling & Lee Hsien Yang condemns Lee Hsien Loong

    树倒猢狲散 Bunch of useless self serving fucktards
  9. Chit Chat Re: 13-year-old arrested for allegedly throwing ofo bicycle from HDB block Read more

    Waiting for Teo Soh lung, Tan tee Seng, Kirsten han, terry Xu, han hui hui, Leong sze Hian, Roy Ngerng, Gilbert Goh, braema Maths, lesbians/SPGs from AWARE and the rest of the 唯恐天下不乱 Fucktards to say...
  10. Serious Re: Has any other of the other ministars stepped out to talk about the Lee feud?

    Fuckers all in self preservation mode praying not to be dragged into this pile of shit
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    Chit Chat Re: Good traffic to sammyboy

    Many opportunistic vultures going all out to profit from the saga self-created by the Lee cocksters including fat fuck professional stirrer Kirsten han.

  12. Serious Re: For what it is worth, I really have no interest in politics

    This is the elitist fucker who during NS emailed the whole world to complain his fellow officer?
  13. Serious Re: Sinkie who voted for PAP lost job/bankrupt, went crazy

    This cockster got consider applying to be stuntman at MediaCorpse or universal studio?
  14. Chit Chat Re: Hopefully they get the maximum sentencing

    The guy got a real cheebye face that is presumed guilty until Proven Innocent.
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    Serious Re: Donate to M Ravi

    For fuck M Ravi needs to ask for donation?
    Just ask his human rights Kakis like fat fuck Kirsten han, Rachel Zeng, terry Xu, Teo Soh lung, Tan tee Seng, Pak Geok Choo, Fong hoe fang, Damien Chng,...
  16. Re: Why does Lee Wei Ling feud with Brothers and SIL?

    Fucking 败家子 all born with golden spoons dont even know how to keep their shit at home but must share with everyone.

    Now whole world laughing at us they feel shiok?

    Really 富不过三代
  17. Chit Chat Re: Sammyboy forum full of homophobic intolerant members

    I am not homophobic but the thought of gay fucks like Roy Ngerng, Remy Choo, selfie Baey, pinky and jolovan wham giving each other blow jobs and Anals or fat fuck Kirsten han licking the pussies of...
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    Chit Chat Re: Recognise this guy?

    Fat Albert also plays Football?
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    Chit Chat Re: 60s Batman Adam West up lorry liao!

    I only like the cross over episode where Adam west and Robin fight green hornet and Bruce Lee's kato.

    Out on the 4 robin longest life only left Burt ward still around
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    Chit Chat Re: Sungei road flea market iconic value

    Even if there is a remote chance of relocation for the vendors, fucking activists like terry Xu, tam peck Hoon, Teo Soh lung, Woon Tien Wei and Jennifer Teo, Kirsten han, faith leo, Faiz zohri and so...
  21. Serious Re: Vivian and PAP show their spinelessness by inviting PRC companies to bid on KL-S'

    since when these two fuckers got spine? One is a yes man and the other is totally clueless what the fuck is happening on the ground having being sheltered from the harsh reality of life since the day...
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    Serious Re: 22 year old arrested under ISA

    Is Teo Soh lung, fat fuck kirsten han and their function 8 members going to kpkb again and ask for the release of the 22 year old and abolishment of the ISA?
  23. Serious Re: Asshole lawyer sues ACS for confiscating his son's Iphone 7

    This type if kena road rage incident he will fight like a man settle on the spot or kena whacked upside down then sue for damages?

  24. Chit Chat Re: Know a slutty DJ on Tinder and get hitched in 10 months!

    Who or what will be next?

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    Serious Re: A man followed me into toilet at redhill mrt

    If it's Roy Ngerng or his gay buddy jolovan wham you better run fast with both hands covering your butthole.

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