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  1. Chit Chat Re: Good Mud Chased From His Rental Flat And Slaughtered On The Streets! Guess Where?

    Are they having an orgy there or what ?
  2. Chit Chat Re: Shit Times propaganda piece on Lau Pioneer generation finding love and sex, sicke

    High time that MOH subsidise Viagra
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    Re: Red Devils 2017-2018

    Swansea should be easy pickings with both llorente and sigursson having their heads turned.

    In fact Swansea will probably go down this season.
  4. Chit Chat Re: Materialistic gf wants fresh grad nus bf to buy luxury car

    Merc ? No problem. Tell her u will burn one for her come July.
  5. Chit Chat Re: SPH news said PAP George Two wife cancer, liao?

    Erm he is no more MP no more minister this type of news also gets reported ? So many ppl have cancer how come they don't get reported ?
  6. Serious Re: Taiwan Minister Instanly Resigned for Power Failure unlike PAP Blame Indon gas su

    Aiya where got same. Politician in Taiwan earn how much ? Quit and go work for gangster better. Or go mainland sell Taiwan secrets better.

    Singapore where got break iron rice bowl de. Unless u...
  7. Chit Chat Re: Good News: Cheap Prostitute Foreign Labour Failed to Rescue Sakae Sushi

    Sakae has been serving rubbish to consumers. And are they the ones trying to go halal sushi or something ? Good Gosh n good riddance. Free up retail space for Pinoy joints like Jollibee.
  8. Serious Re: Sinkie Former Channel 8 Actor Was Executive Director To Top Chink Blockbuster Mov

    Wolf warrior 2 top grossing ? Take it with a pinch of salt. The last time Ip Man 3 was also lauded as top grossing in china and shortly after there was a scandal of kelong and many went to prison...
  9. Chit Chat Re: Amos Yee Repeatedly Robbed And Butt-Raped By Big Black Bubba! No More A Virgin!

    There r two yi /yee in US. Both showed disrespect to the old man. One is incascerated, the other is free like a bird.
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    Re: Red Devils 2017-2018

    Watched a bit of ars tipsy turvy win over Leicester. Giroud proved to be an impact player like hernandez to man utd. Playing him for 90 minutes will not yield anything from him.

    I am not...
  11. Serious Re: According to this Ministar, infrastructure building has a long way to go

    6.9 mil, is that the target PM's pay per annum?
  12. Serious Re: Malaysia might station Chinese rocket launchers in Johor to threaten us, thanks P

    Simply build a nuclear power station on Changi besides the naval base. I dare Mudland to attack.
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    Serious Re: Chope Your Place In Heaven! Hurry!

    Do I have 73 virgins instead of 72 as early bird incentives?
  14. Chit Chat Re: Mudland To Install Chink Missile Batteries In Johor To Threaten RSAF!

    Nothing will happen as we will have a mat for president. We r Brother n Sister.
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    Re: Red Devils 2017-2018

    Cannot really get my head around why fosu is allowed to leave on loan unless he is gonna be playing week in week out. Hope it's just pure loan without purchase options.

    Aurier if he joins will...
  16. Chit Chat Re: Mudland To Install Chink Missile Batteries In Johor To Threaten RSAF!

    That's y we see our MLRS yesterday ? It's time we deploy the THAAS system.
  17. Chit Chat Re: Life Outside So Bad That AMDK Also Want To Drive SBS Bus For Stable Job!

    So u have Fandi Ahmad marrying a South African now S African marry local Malay. Even stevens.

    34 can still call him up for NS no ? Can drive bus means can drive 3 tonner.

  18. Chit Chat Re: Little Brat Flashes His Middle Finger During NDP! Identify The Little Bastard Pls

    If you are arrowed to participate in the NDP like the rest of NSFs you will have the same reaction. I will have shown my dick.
  19. Serious Re: Shitty Times' Latest Revenue Collapse - DBS "Analyst" Blame Everything Else Excep

    Continue to report shit news and charge for access and you have a terminal case with less than 3 quarters as prognosis. Look at SCMP, freeer news and it's free. And they dish out informative stuff.
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    Chit Chat Re: Who's still watching NDP on tv?

    I will be watching to see if LHL will faint once more or whether he will leave a seat n rose for his lou dao.
  21. Serious Re: Good PM Lee Delivers SG52 Message To All Sinkies From Gardens By The Bay! Listen!

    Ban smoking
    Ban gambling
    Ban FTs

    And you realise the three problems go away.
  22. Serious Re: After Halimah, which Eurasian will be our President?

    I thought next one is Mdm Ho ? She is Eurasian ?
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    Chit Chat Re: The power of Ho Ching and her Temasek.

    Uber is like iphone, favoured heavily by Ang Mohs. Grab is android.
  24. Serious Re: SAF Delivers $100k Worth Of Aid To Marawi! Guess How Much Sold Off On Black Marke

    Yes, we should include our new water, the elixir of good health.
  25. Serious Re: Steven Lim Korkor To Find With 2nd Place Sylvester Sim In MMA Match!

    Whoever lose will chop ?
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