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  1. Re: Russia jails student who followed IS lover to Syria

    An irrational father who prefers a dead daughter in a foreign land instead of a living one in homeland - strange but true if the story is real.
  2. Serious Re: KPMG: "Some lapses may amount to criminal conduct"! Oppie Cocksuckers Keep Quiet!

    "Some lapses may amount to criminal conduct"

    May; Maybe; could be; might be; probably; wannabe; ... keep on guessing, wild goose chase, pay consultants more money to continue this loop of...
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    Serious Re: Guess the race table tennis player sacked!

    Good riddance.

    Tianwei's performance in Rio was way below par.
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    Chit Chat Re: Story of Elim Chew

    Thanks for sharing her story.

    I hope that the many good she has done for others over the past many years will in turn help her over the years to come.

    May her FastFast and other ventures be...
  5. Serious Re: Sore loser feng tianwei blame Japan supporters too noisy for her trashing.

  6. Serious Re: Breaking: 15 year old Japanese table tennis player beats Feng Tian Wei

    Feng Tianwei performed very poorly in this Olympic indeed. She may have some mental or physical issues this time round.
  7. Serious Re: The state of Texas supported Schooling more then S'pore, that is why he has his t

    Good enough for me. Thank-you Schooling!
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    Serious Incompetent Indonesia Minister: VP Kalla

    Singapore will not be allowed to prosecute Indonesians over haze, says VP Kalla

    Photo: Reuters

    JAKARTA - Indonesia will not allow Singapore to prosecute its citizens over forest fires that ...
  9. Re: Thambyah pounce on Gay Loong Gaffe, now PAP Ministers must reveal their assets

    Hoping and wishing that the Panama Papers will lead to PM's financial position is ludicrous - we are starting to see the nonsensical side of Tambyah and he is simplying doing a disservice to Chee's...
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    Re: Why does Lee Wei Ling feud with Brothers and SIL?

    Interesting analysis.
  11. Re: 2 SMRT staff dead in accident near Pasir Ris station

    Seems like loopholes in the timeline story.

    Did both of them got hit while they were along the walkway OR on the tracks?

    Pls get the story right!
  12. Poll: Presidential Electon: Vote for Dr. Tan Cheng Bock or others

    Tan Cheng Bock says he will contest next Presidential Elections
    Published: 10:16 AM, March 11, 2016

    SINGAPORE — Former presidential candidate Tan Cheng Bock...
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    Re: why does hotel room put a bible there ?

    Keep calm and look for the answers from proper sources:
  14. Thread: Property News

    by sense

    Re: Property News

    Singapore homes seriously unaffordable: report
    Romesh Navaratnarajah • February 23, 2016

    Singapore’s market cooling measures have been effective in reducing the prices of HDB flats and private...
  15. Re: World War 3 has Started ... and we are celebrating Valentine's Day

    Many have tried predicting WW3 and failed. No worries, you can continue this prediction 18 days later and you might be right some time in the future - as long as this prediction business continues.
  16. 20/20 Hindsight: PAP won GE2015 before campaign began - Polling firm

    Last September's election was won by the People's Action Party (PAP) well before the campaign began, polling company Blackbox Research said yesterday at a discussion on opinion polls and sentiment...
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    Re: Teacher detained for sex scandal

    Avoiding responsibility as a principal.
  18. Re: I think Serene Wee will kanna the most jialat among the 6!!

    It's a church, not Church Pte. Ltd.
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    Re: The Truth About 9 part series

    I want to believe but no pseudoscience please.
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    Re: Teresa Teng reincarnated?

    Beautiful voice from a 16 year old girl. Thank-you for sharing.
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    Re: The Truth About 9 part series

    Could you upload it to your Youtube account for a while?

    I've got 1,2 & 8, missing 3,4,5,6,7.
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    Re: The Truth About 9 part series

    Thanks... the Episodes seems to come and go... Episode 3 and 4 were available and now offline :(
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    Re: KNN This Hazy Blitzkrieg is THE WORST!!!

    18 September 2015: Padang, Esplanade & Marina Bay Sands,
  24. Re: Caught on audio, Umno deputy minister now says ‘slap’ Chinese remark a joke

    So many jokers in the Malaysia cabinet. Malaysia boleh!
  25. Re: Be mindful of risks when venturing abroad, experts tell firms

    R o o k i e.
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