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  1. zeebjii

    Yingluck and Thaksin at the WorldCup finals

    ??? West asia: saudi, iran East asia: s korea, japan Fake asia: australia ???
  2. zeebjii

    Its The End for this woman at AMK College

    Read that the deceased joined some church 2 months ago, so yeah, she definitely had gone to a better place!
  3. zeebjii

    Ex-Apple employee arrested with stash of self-driving car secrets - Guess the.....

    LOL jews...Europe and US are where they are today because of white people, same for singapore. Asia is already a technological powerhouse today.
  4. zeebjii

    56yo homeless diabetic found dead on a bench outside Jurong Point...

    What a load of rubbish! The fact is, no one who is living will want to voluntarily go to that "better place", you including.
  5. zeebjii

    2018 World Cup Thread.

    Call him focal point/linkman/decoy..whatever. but sorry, no giroud, no world cup. Deschamps saw the folly of not playing giroud after the first match, promoted him to starter for rest of tournament, and is rewarded with the biggest prize.
  6. zeebjii

    Tanya Chua still waiting for true love.......

    You forgot the most likely reason...plastic surgery.
  7. zeebjii

    2018 World Cup Thread.

    Agree, argentina make all opponents look like world beaters! Look at how croatia struggle vs a very ordinary denmark! I remember johan cryuff said something like this, "If you give them space, even luxumbourg can play like holland!"
  8. zeebjii

    Chitchat Sinkies kena conned by Chink oBike.... O'no!

    Many sinkies thought so, me as well, because a friend said so. I only just found just out the founder is a PRC! So clever to use the 'started in singapore' ruse to con sinkies. Sinkies really are easily conned!
  9. zeebjii

    Serious Errol Pang Kim Teng Dies at 76 - 25 June 2018

    Never heard of him, and I don't agree that any family of wealth or power can be called elite. In singapore, i like many sinkies know there is only ONE elite family.
  10. zeebjii

    This is why we should love Israel

    99.69 of jews look caucasian and white. Since they supposedly orignated from the middle east, shouldn't they look more like arabs? I think their tribe was really clever to call themselves jews generations ago to con us thinking they are of the same tribe as jesus. Long term planning! Or, the...
  11. zeebjii

    Trump press secretary Sarah Sanders ejected from Virginia restaurant

    See the reason for her being booted out. So you support/like gays? Good for you, you have finally seen the light. See you at Pink Dot next month! "Restaurant Owner Who Booted Sanders Says Gay Employees Too Triggered By WH Press Secretary"
  12. zeebjii

    2018 World Cup Thread.

    Never ever play physical game with negros, even if you are europe's strongest! just look at the olympic 100m finalists!
  13. zeebjii

    This time, China is going to crash next month.

    LOL i've heard this for donkey years. I saw the number 1 china doomsayer gordon chang on tv recently. My god he is 67 but he looked so old. It's a near certainty that he 'crashes' into his coffin before china does. Killed by bitterness!
  14. zeebjii

    Proven 4 years is all it takes to excel in anything you want to excel in

    Ginfreely is malaysian, so you cannot used sinkie education system to calculate. Or like many malaysians, she was much older than her sinkie peers by the time she came to singapore to get a proper education.
  15. zeebjii

    2018 World Cup Thread.

    I don't know what you mean. If so accurate, why skip 2002?