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Apr 4, 2017
Nov 20, 2010
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Apr 4, 2017
    1. wiseguy
      Hi Investor,

      Thank you.
      I dun mind west facing actually.
      Oh, I might stay there in future for semi retirement
      Ben of TopHills is my rental agent as well. i got rental abt RM3.4k.
    2. Investor
      Hi Fabian,

      Thanks a lot for your effort in sharing, really appreciate such effort. Hope you're lucky enough to get the unit you desire.

      Since you are so selective on a unit's facing, I presume that you might want to stay there in future? I'm being selective too for that reason, my units must be one that I like to live in, rather than purely investment.

      You've already managed to rent out both units? Did you engage a property agent? I see many advertisement of East Ledang and HH from this agent called Ben in the internet. How much rental did you manage to fetch? (If you don't mind)
    3. wiseguy
      Hi Investor,

      I bought at abt RM 460k (26x70) and RM510k(28x70).
      Yes right, looking at terrace 28x75, phase 7 and
      facing east, pleasure garden and phase 8 units.
      Price RM691k.
      Hope its good

      Crescent is condo by UEM , near Ujana.
      Imperia is condo by UEM / UM Land, at Puteri Harbour
      Rozita Razak | Marketing Executive

      Puteri Harbour Satellite Clubhouse, 79000 Nusajaya, Johor | Lat 1°25’N; Long 103°39.5’E
      T 07 530 2122 | F 07 530 2126 | M 017 329 9122| B puteriharbour.blogspot.com |
      Rozita Abdul Razak [[email protected]]

      I've rented out both units.

    4. Investor
      Hi Fabian,

      I think you need to make a post in the forum in order to be able to send and receive private messages. We are presently posting on your homepage and is visible to anyone who visits your page =)
    5. Investor
      Yo Fabian,

      You bought phase I terraces at RM4xx K right? I also intend to rent out my extra units, leaving just one unit as my weekend home. Will be keeping all my units for Long Long term.

      No lah I don't have a big family, I meant 'IF' I really need more rooms in future =)

      My units, facing the garden is one thing good, but it's also facing west sun =( So you're hoping to get one facing Phase 8 and the garden?

      Over supply is not something that I can control so I'll just have to take some risk. 1 Medini is Condo but ours is landed so at least it's not a direct competition. I didn't even know about Imperia and Crescent.
      Are they both condos?
      What's the location of Imperial?

      I applied for MACS at MACS office located at Malaysia custom of Tuas Link. I don't mean Tuas in Singapore =)

      So are you staying in your terrace now or only for weekends?

      Have a great day.
    6. wiseguy
      Hi Investor,

      Oh yes, thk you.
      I've bought 2 terrace units at Phase 1.
      Wah, you must have a big family? Consider u need 8 rooms :)

      Your units are gd choice - 26' x 75' and facing garden.
      I'm aiming for Phase 7, 28' x 75' facing garden,
      if theres any available due to loan issue.

      True, I agree there should be more capital gains upon the developments nearby Educity, Medini, Theme Parks, Puteri Harbour are more mature.

      But as devils advocate, arent you concerned about over supply in residential (more coming up at 1Medini, Imperia, Crescent (next to Ujana) etc)?
      That could result in price competition soon.
      For me, I'm investing to rent out.

      Btw, where in Tuas did you renew MACS? Mine due soon.
      Thank you for sharing.

      best rgds
    7. Investor
      Hi Fabian,

      Very very sorry for the late reply as I didn't know that I have a message. Wow so you are the Brave pioneer who bought at phase I =) Congratulations for making more than 50% profit when they launch phase 8 this month or next.

      I purchased a Semi-D of phase 2 and two terraces of phase 7. Both terraces are intermediate, side by side, and it's in the first row facing the garden and club house, 26' x 75' type.

      I just bought the two terraces last month because the initial buyers couldn't get their loan approved. When I heard that there were two available and they are side by side, I immediately confirmed both =D Because if I need more rooms in future, I can choose to stay in the 2 terraces with total 8+2 rooms instead of my Semi-D.

      Yup I guess phase 7 is almost gone after their very recent property show in Singapore's Marina Bay Sands.

      So many people like you who knows of Nusajaya are investing in more than one units, the thing is that many many still don't know. Even Malaysians and Singaporeans who have read about Nusajaya in news paper a few years ago didn't follow up on its progress nor have they even visited Nusajaya. By the time New Castle University, Coaster Highway, Legoland and In-door theme park starts operation and goes on the news in Sg and My, that is when the prices will have a gap up due to awarness =)

      Actually I'm also thinking of getting maybe 2 more units and maximize my potential profit from this Golden opportunity created for us by our dear neighbor Malaysia. Rent out the units in 2012 to the population in Educity.

      Oh do you know that all corner units of phase 8 are already snapped up? I couldn't reserve one myself a few months back =( Hope you'll get your phase 8 unit soon Fabian.

      Best regards.
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