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  1. ThugSin

    Yishun really no garment sia - makcik is the main culprit

    What you expecting from a place full of siaolangs :biggrin::laugh:
  2. ThugSin

    fuck leongsam thread

    new layout?? :confused:
  3. ThugSin

    fuck leongsam thread

  4. ThugSin

    what song you are listening now? feel free to share

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAV-DBFZT_k Been a long time :D
  5. ThugSin

    SBF in the news!

    laksaboy also tio owned liao
  6. ThugSin

    SBF in the news!

    Ah singh referring here , roy thought it was the other sammy with FLs :D
  7. ThugSin

    Another Case of Violent Road Rage by Ang Moh FTrash. Let Off By Poodles AGAIN!

    Mr koh shld have just run him over just like how the cabby run over sam leong friend :D
  8. ThugSin

    Bravo Putin USSR will return to deal with USA

    will we get to see this again :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=omm3QPMqyjc
  9. ThugSin

    Foreign trash molested sinkie women.. guess the country

    Let me guess , must be dark skin ah tiong :D
  10. ThugSin

    Have you noticed any drop in Pinoys on our island?

    They are better off sellin banana fritters in their slums they call home :D
  11. ThugSin

    How come Comex 2014......

    Simi IT show? More like old stocks clearance sales :D computex n ces i would consider IT show lol